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I’m very sorry about your sister

I don’t think that being financially dependent has to be a bad thing if both partners go about it the right way. I’ve only been dependent on OH for money for a comparatively short time but I have my own pension and savings etc because this seems like the sensible option. I will be working again soon, all being well but I will never come anywhere close to earning what OH earns and he’s not the sort to eat out at fancy restaurants and leave me at home with a cheese sandwich. We are a team in every way. I also deal with all our finances as OH isn’t interested.

You’re not totally dependent though are you? You’ve other income and savings and you clearly have the skills and wherewithal to increase your income should you need or want to. I’d be surprised if you and your OH are not totally in partnership financially and otherwise and that you don’t leave all the complicated financial stuff to him

I’m probably not explaining myself well but there’s a difference between the man being the main earner (im not opposed to meeting a rich bloke and giving up work ) and being a completely dependent with no other means. It’s such a precarious position.