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    After having seen Saudi Arabia and Egypt play I’m really looking forward to 2026, when there’ll be an additional 16 theoretically even worse teams taking part. My highlight for this week is Argentina-Iceland coming up.

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    I was treated in a Swiss hospital for cuts in the summer. After being patched up, I had the following conversation with the doctor

    Doctor “Do you want antibiotics”

    Me “I don’t think so, do I need them?”

    Doctor “No….ah, your British. Like the Swiss you use antibiotics wisely. The French and Italians always ask”

    • For once (every rule has an exception), the eu could really interfere in a beneficial way. Ban whole herd preventative antibiotic use and make them prescription only in the whole of the eu. Then start applying pressure through the WHO globally. I think we might regret this more than climate change in a few decades.

    • On a related note, I had a work colleague with an infection try to fulfil his (USA issued) prescription in Holland… the Dutch doctor politely explained that the surgical grade antibiotic perscribed was equivalent to a bazooka to kill a butterfly and adjusted the prescription.

      ABs do seem highly overprescribed in some countries.

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    This scandal and another one have had me thinking, a lot, about people and the nature of competition.

    The “other one” erupted on Monday in the Go / Weiqi / Baduk community. In case you don’t know, Go is a mind-sport, an abstract board game, in which players take turns to place stones to surround the area of a square board. The player who surrounds more of the board wins the game but beware the inclination to greed lest you leave a weakness in your borders.

    I have been playing it since 2007. It was the game that Google’s DeepMind Team conquered in March 2016 when their A.I., “AlphaGo”, became the first bot to defeat a professional at the very apex of the sport.

    On Monday, this week, the first conviction for cheating using A.I. was handed down to a European amateur who had…[Read more]

  • I’m very sorry about your sister

    I don’t think that being financially dependent has to be a bad thing if both partners go about it the right way. I’ve only been dependent on OH for money for a comparatively short time but I have my own pension and savings etc because this seems like the sensible option. I will be working again soon, all being well but I will never come anywhere close to earning what OH earns and he’s not the sort to eat out at fancy restaurants and leave me at home with a cheese sandwich. We are a team in every way. I also deal with all our finances as OH isn’t interested.

    @soccerballz You’re not totally dependent though are you? You’ve other income and savings and you clearly have the skills and wherewithal to increase your income should you need or want to. I…[Read more]

  • I’ve read online many times that men prefer women who are not independent. Is this true? I am completely independent as are most, if not all, the women I know so are there a lot of disappointed men about?

    In my experience, men are not after women who want to languish around the house doing nothing but rather expect their partners to work, whether inside or outside the home assuming they are in sufficiently good physical and mental health. Do I just know peculiar men who are not representative of the species as a whole?

    I worked for most of my life and am, hopefully, about to start again and although my OH is happy for me to do whatever I want he would never dream of telling me that I couldn’t work, or do anything else for that matter. Have I just been lucky or is the whole ‘men…[Read more]

  • Keep on defending a complete arsehole, it does not paint you in a good light.

    @connie might it be that you actually just don’t like Mr.Neville, irrespective of a joke he may have posted years ago. And now this storm in a tea-cup is serving as a convenient hammer to bash him with? Sexual deviancy, or claims of misogynistic behaviour are damn fine trump card to be able to pull out.

  • I also still maintain that the very idea that such a joke could be appropriate and funny tells you something about the “lad culture” and the attitudes towards women ingrained in football

    @connie Do you not see the hypocrisy in that vs it being ok to make jokes about AIDS patients like you said you do in your other post?

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    @skipper The new defender is good but the midfield is weak. Pogba and Matic are far too strong. I’d be amazed if they made second. Letting Cann go and you’ve no power in the midfield.

    It’s United and Chelsea.

    Liverpool have conceded 25 goals, United 16, Chelsea 16, City 13. That’s significantly more.

    There attacking play is great but they leave holes at the back as a team. you can’t just suddenly defend better.

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    Following this thread with interest. OP I look forward to hearing how you get on with your GP.

    I had a cyst on mine, the Dr took it very seriously and wanted to remove the coxyx! Sadly this would have meant the end of soccer for me, so I refused his kind offer, despite dire warnings that I would one day crawl back to him and beg him to do the operation with the pain.

    No, in fact it got better over time just fine.

    @nicola Can I ask why coccyx removal would mean the end of playing soccer? I badly damaged mine two weeks ago giving birth to my lovely baby and have been in excruciating pain ever since. I was thinking surgery might be my only hope of ever playing soccer again!

  • I’ve always had Karrimor (cheap and cheerful!) but my OH got me a fab pair for my last birthday – Mizuno BG 1000 ones – much better than any others I’ve had, I love them!

  • Following my hip replacement recently I returned home with two crutches. They were useful at first, but as I got stronger I had little, then no, need for them. I took them back to the hospital when I went to my follow-up appointment. I left them in giant cage filled with dozens of the things, just outside the therapy department. It must make financial sense to the hospital to take them back and clean them up ready for the next victim