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I’ve seen too many women come unstuck because they’re totally dependent on their husbands income and have no notion of their finances and would struggle to be able to earn a decent income themselves. It means they feel trapped in their relationship when it’s going very wrong or are left with nothing should they split up.

There’s no way that I’d be in a relationship like that. It’s the 21st Century, it irks me that so many women still act like they’re in the 19th century. It should be a partnership in all things financial and otherwise. This doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t take time off to have kids etc. But ffs protect yourself.

Unfortunately my sisters husband was killed in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago and she is in a very precarious financial position because she trusted him and didn’t make sure everything was in order. He’d been diagnosed with liver cancer before that so they should have nailed everything down. I’m angry with him that he didn’t make sure she was ok (there’s a lot I’m not saying) and I’m partly angry with her because why could she be so stupid! She’s 62 has no home of her own, has his debts and not much else. It’s very worrying. I feel sick to my stomach for her.