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Yes an American who runs the website as a Charity, albeit staffed with a large number of well paid staff, and through the website promotes his books.

Not convinced OP but do agree with the old adages (although not often good at living by them!) – we are what we eat and everything in moderation.

I agree. Lots of money behind the whole vegan thing at the moment. I know some people who work part time for some of the American ‘charities’ on more the 20k a year. I don’t know where its coming from mind!

Also parabens in cosmetic products mimic hormones. Again more research is needed, but these are found in body creams, face creams, shampoo, bubblebaths and are easily absorbed into your system as recent study showed in men who used a shaving cream ( I think) containing parabens then there urine sampled later in the same day contained parabens.
We are exposed to so many chemicals every day from cleaning products, in out food, fire retardent furniture its probably down to a huge range of things!

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