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Why milk? I’m not having a go at veganism but their main motto is “cow is a root of all climate change” and cynical me thinks everyone is trying to jump on band wagon with researches.
I am not disputing the fact that milk contains certain level of hormones but as mentioned above, what about other factors? What about soya? Where it come from, how it was grown – outside of EU, there are no restrictions of using chemicals and god knows what else.

Besides, human race slowly “evolves”, living comfortable life. If to look back from 40-50s up to now, being 165cm tall was model height, while when born in 70-80s it was a short ass already. Nutritional illnesses, physical appearance – its all slowly changing. Majority of young generation is good looking, good body proportion, good teeth, much taller than their parents…. yeah, I know it sounds like cattle market. All this is probably contributing to early puberty as well.