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Ok first get out of flat heels. JD Williams do a ‘cushion walk’ sandal which is a heel which supports as well as being ‘airy’ and designed to give comfort. My sports injury clinic chap looked at my plantar fasciitis and said he is making a booming business due to all the silly ballerina pumps out there that give no heel support at all.

I had it in my right foot for about eight months and then it moved over to the left foot. The pain was horrendous and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

typically its caused by lots of standing in unsupportive shoes, as well as running on unsupportive trainers and being overweight – these last two factors were my problem.

After twelve months, strapping my foot, doing exercises with my feet (rolling foot over rolling pin) and wearing heel supports it went away. It had started to ‘twinge’ every now and again but has not come back as yet.