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I rang the hospital this morning and he was about to see the consultant (again!) but the staff nurse said his temperature was still 39 and they can’t seem to bring it down. Still waiting lab results. He hardly ever drinks (bar two cans over the whole Xmas period and about 5 pints in the whole of 2017 in the summer evenings in the pub garden) and although he’s overweight by a stone he eats salad nearly every evening and has a very active job with a lot of manual work involved. I’ve done some reading and if it is gout eating gravy, pasta, red meat, white bread, shell fish and processed foods, none of which he eats very often and most not ever. Apparently certain tablets like aspirin and blood pressure tablets can cause it. Its a nightmare. Getting very worried. They put him on an antibiotic drip yesterday.

Its a pity they discharged him on Friday night/sat morning only for us to have to get the paramedic out again on Sunday. Annoying but not hard to understand how they may have got it wrong given the 7 ambulances queuing at the door and the amount of people on stretcher in the corridors. Stretched to capacity – must be a total nightmare working in A&E and Majors.