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Thank you for your help. My partner had to have the paramedics round on friday night due to his total knee replacement (he had a total knee replacement 3 years ago but you can get septic arthritis from the TKR years later.) knee being in agony. Found him sat at the foot of the stairs unable to move with a knee hot red and swollen to 3 times it size. Paramedics admitted him to hospital as they felt as I did (due to having gone thru similar myself last year) that it was septic arthritis. Temp 39.3 which I think swung it and then he got taken to majors by ambulance. Looked at blood and urine taken. Released next morning. Told he had infection somewhere in body but they didn’t know where so no anti biotics given but follow up with orthaepedic surgeon five days later at same hospital.

Partner is still in so much pain unable to really weightbear on the affected leg. Knee even more swollen. When accidentally knocked by the dog partner was actually sobbing. Having to wee in a bottle. Not eating. Paramedics called at 11.45 sunday morning. Came out at 2pm. Took temp 37.9. Took to hospital. Having trouble drawing blood when i got there at 7pm. The were going to draw fluid off knee.

Now suspect gout or septic arthritis. He text me quick text last night to say keeping in overnight. Text brief as only 2 per cent battery left so switched off in between texts. Know he may be in for a few days. So very worried about him.

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