Uncategorized - May 3, 2014

World cup! is Brazil ready?

So this years world cup will be in Brazil a country that is undoubtedly one of the best soccer nations in the world but does this necessarily mean that Brazil will be able to deliver a good world cup.. after all their is a lot of corruption in Brazil! One thing that isn’t in question is Brazil’s love for soccer and they sure wont want to do things halfhearted, I am sure Brazil would swap hosting the Olympic for hosting the world cups anyway. In mens soccer Brazil have won it 5 times ang unlike any other team Brazil have been the only ones to have qualified for every single world cup to date! I am sure Brazil will do everything they can possible do to win this year! But despite how much Brazil wants the world cup you cannot hide from the fact that the world cup costs a lot! Even though Brazil is a rising economy their still is plenty of corruption and with so much money circulating around it may attract some corruption and with so much pressure to do the best ever world cup I am sure something may go wrong! what do you think will the Brazil world cup be a gooden? Do you think Brazil will be ready in time?

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