New York Flash - March 18, 2014

Western New York flash 2014 25 PLAYER ROSTER

The team cannot have all 29 previously selected players in their roster according to NWSL so Western New york flash just has 25 picked players now!

WNY has reduced its preseason roster from 29 to 25 in accordance to national women soccer league rules.

One of the players out of the previous roster is Adrianna Franch dont worry the wny flash coaches haven’t gone barking mad as in training she has suffered from a ACL knee injury and cannot play this season and is awaiting surgery this has however unfortunate has given wny a free place to work with. Even though her injury has helped free up some room on the team this will certainly prove a huge blow to the flash team what ever way you look at it though.

Lots of players are heading over to buffalo to start training this week such as Emma Kete!

A second and very important warm up game for the flash team will be played against west Virginia university on Saturday is going ahead and will show just how ready the side is and how much of a impact the loss of Adrianna Franch has made on the team.

the roster at the moment looks like this:

In defense you have…

Amy Barczuk
Kristen Edmonds
Ally Lee*
Haley Palmer*
Casey Ramirez*
Katherine Reynold
Annie Steinlage
Brittany Taylor

In midfield you will see…

Nicholette DiGiacomo*
Selenia Iacchelli
Carli Lloyd
Vicky Losada
Kristen Meier*
Yoreli Rincon*
Jordon Roseboro*
Angela Salem
McCall Zerboni

those to take up striker positions the WNY have picked…

Samantha Kerr
Emma Kete
Adriana Martin
Jasmyne Spencer
Courtney Verloo
Abby Wambach

and these are the two surviving goalkeepers

Kelsey Wys
Arianna Criscione*

*=on trial at the moment.

You can follow the team through training over on there twitter account too if you are interested over on @wnyflash

What do you reckon about this team? Do you think Adrianna Franch can be replaced by Kelsey Wys or Arianna Criscione?

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