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The Red star’s announces preseason 25 player roster

The Chicago red star’s have just announced its 25 player preseason roster and if you are wondering who is in it scroll down and you’ll find the fully roster below.

But first because of how the NWSL works teams are only allowed 25 player roster’s so coaches really do have to pick right and have no room for “chances”.

We can see that there are quite a few changes and new players on board from the last team pickings: http://womensprosoccer.com/red-stars-pre-season-team which was announced earlier this month!

At the moment it is the second week of training for the players, however since the red stars started playing not all players have been their with the rest of the team…until yesterday that is.

In the team you will be seeing three Canadian players Adriana Leon, Rachel Quon and Karina LeBlan who arrived in Chicago yesterday and should shake things up a bit.

The red stars are currently getting ready for a warm up friendly (if you can call it a friendly) game versus Kansas city on Saturday which should be a good first indication about how well the team will be this season.

Well anyway enough chat here is the preseason roster this year:

Strikers on the roster are

Hayley Brock
Jennifer Hoy
Annie Worden
Micaela Castain

Midfield looks like this:
Julie Johnston
Adriana Leon
Zakiya Bywaters
Lori Chalupny
Vanessa DiBernardo
Niki Read
Alyssa Mautz
Julianne Sitch
Kelly McCloskey

In defense

Taryn Hemmings
Jessy Battelli
Heather Cooke
ackie Santacaterina
Michelle Wenino
Rachel Quon
Torri Allen
Samantha Johnson
Amy LePeilbet
Kecia Morway

In goal we have 3 players (obviously they wont go in goal all at once) good to see the Chicago red stars haven’t lost any of their goalies like the western new york flash lost their star goalie the other day.

Taylor Vancil
Karina LeBlanc
Clara Kridler

All the team is in Chicago except Christenpress who is set to join the red stars mid season in June as she is currently competing in the Swedish league also Melissa Tancredi will also join in with the team in June as well as she finishes off chiropractic school.
What do you you think about this roster then guys? I think tis a good choice of some really good players, with a few new players and rookies in this team it will be interesting to see what they have to deliver!

EDIT: Silly me, put 24 instead of 25 in the title… dont want to be disadvantaging Chicago now do we?

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