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Soccer vs American Football

Football is the best sport known to woman. Even though I am from America and it confuses and drives my friends crazy I call it football just like the Europeans do even though its soccer in America, WHY? because that is what it is football and I have always been confused why American football is called football and seems to have nicked the name from actual football even though players in American football hardly ever use their feet, well certainly not as much as really footie goes where it is all about the skills you have with your feet and the ball.. so I stand by calling it football even if that may confuse some of you guys! As you can tell I am a far bigger football (soccer fan) than the American so called football but unfortunately here in the USA footie really is not appreciated as much as it should with very little teams (especially in womens football with only a handful of pro league and even fewer minor leagues) and matches being played it does not have the recognition it deserves as it really is one of the great sports ever! I think Americans are just simply to into action and need tackles, fights and fireworks to keep their brain occupied so they dont get bored…and when they watch a 90 minute football game with no goals being scored it is easy for their small attention span to get bored.. as football is a game of skill and precision and not the random chaos that is American football where something has to be going on all the time to keep people interested….. but that being said more often than not no real game play is going on because of that as they are always stopping and starting usually to pack in a few ad breaks as well and giving the fans watching at home a chance to get 6 more beers down them. It is really a fragmented game that is hard to know what going on. Whereas football is dynamic, seamless, skillful… and tactical we dont settle for adverts being pushed in our faces every minute.. if you live in the UK and watch a football game on the bbc you can watch a whole 90 minute game with a small break at half time which is filled with analysis talk and not see one single ad which is quite cool. With American football anyone can be a footie player but with real football it takes talent and awareness of what is happening on the pitch. I also have to be honest with you playing football is a lot lot more fun, I just wish here in America mor people start to give up on American football and put down the oddly shaped ball and actually play and pick up a “soccer” ball and start playing this great game instead.. American football is only really played in American whereas “soccer” is played all across the world from Europe to Brazil why is that? Is it maybe that real football is one of the greatest games and America is just a bit arrogant to this fact… and will only play a game that only America plays so only America can win? Maybe…

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