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Sky blue FC beat St john 1-0

Sky blue FC luckily scored in the first 2 minutes and so manages to beat ST. john in a close game last Saturday but if they didn’t it might have been a nil-nil draw.
The game was being held in the Belson Stadium as part of a preseason exhibition match to warm up the Sky blue FC for the next season of the NWSL that kicks off in April…
The game began with a very quick goal which would prove the only goal in the second minute of play by Kendall Johnson from a free kick from the 18 yard box but that would be the only goal fans would be seeing as St John would not let their guard down another time in this match as the score hanged at 1-0 for the rest of the game.

Sky blue will have yet another exhibition match on the 23rd of march (which will be a Sunday) against the Penns state team held at the Livingston Newark academy.
You would have thought that the early goal would have carried Sky blue through the match with a greater momentum but this didn’t happen unfortunately Sky blue couldn’t beat through the ST john defense.

It was a good close game one that could have easily gone the other way… if at the start it was st john who scored in the second minute but it wasn’t… At the end of the day it was very slow as both teams had a good defense which would not budge…. note for Sky blue for the NWSL season more attacking and creating more chances is needed in my opinion!

It really doesn’t look good for Sky blue if they struggle against a small time team such as ST john, how will they cope against the bigger teams in the NWSL?

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