Seattle - May 1, 2014

Reign fc beat Sky blue 2-0 in the rain!

On Wednesdays game where Reign FC took on Sky blue it poured it down with rain but despite the rain 582 fans turned out to watch the match at the Yurcak Field in new jersey.
The heavy rain definitely effected the outcome of the game. The final score of the match ended at 2-0 to Reign FC. The two goals came from Kawasumi which was her first goal this season she also helped assist the other goal by Goebel too!

The first goal came 24 minutes into the match. Kelley O Hara passed the goal back to Sky blue goalkeeper Jillian Loyden to clear the ball up field but miscalculated things and ended up missing giving the opportunity for Kawasumi to score which she did.
Regin fc managed to block all attempts from Sky blue and made sure they had little opportunities to score.
In the second half Goebel received a assist from Kawasumi which she managed to simply tap in from six feet away from the goal.
There was another chance for Goebel to make it 3-0 eight minutes later from a pass made by Kim little, goebel attempted to chip it over the sky blue goalie but didnt quite manage it.

This win has shown that Reign FC can take on any situation defend and attack come rain or shine!

Currently the Seattle side are top of the league with 12 points from 4 wins and no losses!

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