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    I can appreciate it, but for me it lacks the drama but the history will maybe come.

    I was disappointed Man United took so long to develop a women’s team.

    It is good its on TV, but I saw an article by Piers Morgan (trying to be contentious as always), saying the US women should be paid as much or more than the men because they are more successful. A silly argument, plenty of male sports stars get paid for less than less successful stars in other sports. It’s about profile, players like Pogba get massive wages because they generate that income, even when they aren’t being successful.

    Unless the money is generated by the sport it seems a fast track to failed professional leagues. As has happened repeatedly in male and female soccer.

    • They had a team between 2001-05, having previously been an unofficial ‘supporters club’ (since the 70s!). It was disbanded by the new owners at the time as it was deemed to be away for the core business and was unprofitable. Ironically, these new owners were (and still are) American.. which seems strange given the strength of the women’s game in the states.