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    Wenger inherited George Graham’s iron-hard defence plus Dennis Bergkamp. Once these essential parts of the team were retired he had no plan for replacing them. Admittedly he bought into the vision of a new stadium which increased the revenue stream but he has been timid in the transfer market. Apart from Shankly, Paisley and Ferguson every manager seems to run out of inspiration and thus signal the time to bring down the final curtain.

    • It’s fair to say that Wenger, with the honourable exceptions of Campbell and Kosczelny (sp?) has always come up short on defenders but he followed Bergkamp with

      Thierry Henri, Robert Pires, Manu Petit, Patrick Viera, Freddie Ljundberg, Fabregas

      Hardly unproductive signings

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      As an Arsenal fan of a long-time standing, I crave the defensive toughness and counter-attacking speed of the George Graham teams. I feel very disorientated watching Arsenal these days (unlike when I first followed Arsenal seriously in the late 80s). Wenger did do well for his first decade as manager but ran out of steam years ago. He has made very few good decisions at all about the defence since the break-up of the great Spunky/Dixon/Nige/Donkey Adams/Martin Keown (or Bouldy) defence.

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    I have fractured mine twice but it was very painful when it happened, I fell down three steps the first time, the second time I was walking my dogs and slipped on hard smooth clay at a new pond edge as the dogs had made it wet running on and out.
    I could not sit properly for almost 18 months both times and it delayed my mare being backed by 18 months, as I could not play soccer properly for about the same time.
    It was painful to stand up too.

  • Another sufferer here! A 500ml coke bottle filled with water and frozen is sheer bliss when it’s really bad. The shape means you get the ice right into the arch of the foot which is where I get the pain rather than in my heels. I find very flat shoes (like ballet pumps – which caused mine) are bad but high heels are even worse – a heel of an inch or two, preferably a wedge is the best I find other than trainers which I wear whenever I can. I have a pair of insoles that I move from shoe to shoe as they’re pretty expensive to have a pair for every pair. I really know about it if I forget to change them over though. I do the calf stretches daily as well and they do help.