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    • I’m torn between Germany and Brazil to win it and England to get out of their group but lose the next match.

      England will scrape out of their group, win their next match, raising the hopes, and then lose to Germany or Brazil.

      With England it’s not a question of whether they will win, we know they won’t, but there is always some level of novelty to the defeat. OK last time it was just quick and painless, in fact I was too busy cycling around Yorkshire to notice it had started before they were out. But on other occasions, we’ve had the hand of god or the goal that never was, Seaman beaten from the halfway line or a hero sent off after cheating by a swarthy foreigner. Actually, we’ve had at least two of those. Will England play brilliantly yet lose in a penalty shoot-out, or being utterly terrible and lose in a penalty shoot-out ?

      England are 12-1 to win the WC. For those of you unfamiliar with gambling, this means if you bet £100 on England, you will lose £100.

    • I’ve seen too many women come unstuck because they’re totally dependent on their husbands income and have no notion of their finances and would struggle to be able to earn a decent income themselves. It means they feel trapped in their relationship when it’s going very wrong or are left with nothing should they split up.

      There’s no way that I’d be in a relationship like that. It’s the 21st Century, it irks me that so many women still act like they’re in the 19th century. It should be a partnership in all things financial and otherwise. This doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t take time off to have kids etc. But ffs protect yourself.

      Unfortunately my sisters husband was killed in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago and she is in a very precarious financial position because she trusted him and didn’t make sure everything was in order. He’d been diagnosed with liver cancer before that so they should have nailed everything down. I’m angry with him that he didn’t make sure she was ok (there’s a lot I’m not saying) and I’m partly angry with her because why could she be so stupid! She’s 62 has no home of her own, has his debts and not much else. It’s very worrying. I feel sick to my stomach for her.

    • @connie He made a joke in poor taste, seven years ago.

      If this is enough to make someone unemployable, then 80% of the population would be unemployed.

      Anyway, he is currently employed. Do you think a bad taste joke seven years ago is sufficient grounds for dismissal?

    • Could be putting to much pressure on your feet when you walk? Do you suffer from any aches and pains? Shin splints? Maybe taking the pressure off your feet by wearing some insoles inside your shoes could help.

    • Why milk? I’m not having a go at veganism but their main motto is “cow is a root of all climate change” and cynical me thinks everyone is trying to jump on band wagon with researches.
      I am not disputing the fact that milk contains certain level of hormones but as mentioned above, what about other factors? What about soya? Where it come from, how it was grown – outside of EU, there are no restrictions of using chemicals and god knows what else.

      Besides, human race slowly “evolves”, living comfortable life. If to look back from 40-50s up to now, being 165cm tall was model height, while when born in 70-80s it was a short ass already. Nutritional illnesses, physical appearance – its all slowly changing. Majority of young generation is good looking, good body proportion, good teeth, much taller than their parents…. yeah, I know it sounds like cattle market. All this is probably contributing to early puberty as well.

    • I think his work is done.
      Second in the league but this year that doesn’t mean much.
      The team are stagnating,some players are going backwards and there just isn’t a happy vibe coming out of OT.

      All acceptable .in a way.A few signings in January might make things click.

      But what isn’t acceptable is his behavior when a microphone or camera is put in front of him.
      What comes out of his mouth is generally embarrassing ,and his employers must cringe when they see him at a press conference.

      The Special One is just not terribly special .

    • Great thanks that clears things up!

    • I wonder if there’s any Weinstein type character in the French film industry.

    • It is such a horrid type of pain isn’t it! Fractured mine and tears would stream down my face whenever I sat or stood. Hope it gets better soon!

    • Was impressed with Tunisia’s obstinacy. Most impressive Volgograd defence since Georgy Zhukov was lacing up his boots.

    • Sadly I imagine that unless there is a risk of further damage occurring they will just be expecting your GP to provide pain medication.

    • I just wondered if you could then check whether it was a mistake in the referral or not/where they actually wanted you to go.

      I’ve just been dealing with MSK referrals myself and where I am the GP can only refer to the musculo skeletal service, they then triage the referral and decide where it goes. Mine got triaged to the consultant not physio and he has now requested the MRI, so Im just wondering if wilts is similar and the GP cannot ask straight for a scan.

Viewing 8 reply threads