• sophie replied to the topic Milk causing early puberty? in the forum Health 2 years ago

    @soccergal your right, looking on pubmed at all the most recent studies it does seem more research needed.

    Interestingly (or worryingly) there are loads of studies looking at dairy and T2D.

  • Sista replied to the topic Returning crutches to NHS in the forum General Banter 2 years ago

    I got to a different A&E and they refused to take them due to Health and Safety reasons?!

    @soccergal Did you not try taking them back to the place you got them from (and which you say asked for them back)?

    If you’re now miles away from the place you were treated for some reason then fair enough, giving them to someone else who needs them seems like a good solution. The initial cause of the problem that you’re complaining about seems to be you going to the wrong place though. The NHS doesn’t really operate as a single national organisation.