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    • Are there any jobs or professions where women are legally excluded because they are not strong or fast enough?
      It seems daft that while women are able to join the SAS, coast guards, fire and rescue etc, where strength and other physiological factors are life saving, why are women still competing at a lower level to men in sport where no ones life is at risk ?

    • I take sumitriptan for migraines. I have found that normal painkillers dont really help but according to the leaflet with sumatriptan for normal headaches you shouldn’t take it.

    • Just send them the bill for the damaged vehicle.

      For some people, football brings out the best for others football brings out the absolute worst in people.

    • They do and if you were VERY good you could pick up over £400 000 per week in their league.

      Limited history and exposure to the outdside world until recently.?

    • Have faith. In the most serious cases, surgery is necessary.

      I know many people who have had great success with pilates, yoga, and posture realignment therapy. All these things you can start doing gently before any results come through. By strengthening your core muscles now will only support your back/spine further and is not detrimental.

    • @connie Why don’t you just acknowledge that most people make bad and bad taste jokes, and they do it partly to annoy people like you, but mainly as a coping mechanism in the face of real life. It doesn’t actually mean that they, for example, think that battered wives (or husbands) are a big joke.

      Humour is like grease that makes the world livable. It is the prigs who fail to understand it or the (usually benign) reasons for it who are in the wrong.

    • Thanks I went to see my Doctor and turns out I have a bit of diabetic neuropathy in my feet and as well as as Mortons Neuroma. I think the neuropathy made sure I didn’t feel it when my feet got injured…only the after pain affecting regions with active nerves. I don’t know how I am going to stop my feet from getting worse if I cannot properly feel it when they are being harmed.

      Going to look online for some new shoes.. but looking at orthopedic shoes and they look like something an old granny would wear :/

    • Couldn’t open the link but is it based on American systems? They farm dairy very differently to the UK (and europe) and use hormones to produce milk rather than the cow having a calf. Their way is illegal here so no hormones in British (and European) dairy products.

      Our milk is sampled daily, if there is anything in there that shouldn’t be it all goes down the drain.

    • @socccergal Thanks for your support! It feels like a really dull ache today and

      Iv been looking at my running shoes and they are pretty worn out.. weirdly they do feel a lot tighter than they did when I bought them and I am pretty sure my feet haven’t grown and I only bought them 6 months ago. I think they are made from some pretty bad materials shoes nowadays are designed more for style than anything else which is a shame.

      Now I have been looking online at some horror story’s about hammer toes, bunions and all sorts of bad and irreversible foot injuries.. hope I get this sorted and in a way that it doesn’t come back.

    • Thanks for your replies guys really appreciate it. I looked online and the word metatarsalgia popped up but that injury seems to be extremely broad and covers all ball of foot injuries.

      I wonder if it might be caused by me putting too much pressure on ball of feet when I walk or something.

      I was thinking I might do PRICE, but is this only for when you have just injured your foot and doesn’t work later on?

    • Liverpool are an awful team this year compared to other years. They’ve no midfield and Cann is off soon. Attacking they are great but behind that there’s a very weak team. Until they sign a keeper worthy of being at a top premiership team I’d be surprised if they made the champions league. They should have signed Schmeichel last summer.

      Actually Liverpool are considerably better this year than last year. They are awful compared with Liverpool teams of the Rafa era and long before that I’ll agree. You’re correct that we need a top keeper. The agenda re our defense is getting tiresome, since the capitulation to Spurs we’ve conceded very few (also unbeaten since then), in the league at home this season we’ve only conceded 4 or 5. Plus we now have a top central defender with leadership qualities. I predict second.

    • So, by your own admission, a mediocre men can out perform the best female athlete in sport where no lives are at risk and yet in jobs where physical strength and speed are some times crucial in saving lives, there is no such consideration in the selection process as recruitment drives and quotas seek to recruit women.
      I’m all for a level playing field in equality in sport. It would solve gender discrimination.

    • If it’s tribalism brought about by football, then isn’t if fair to say that ‘football culture’ is essentially to blame?

    • I enjoyed it too and have the same good feeling about our youth and lets not forget that until the senior age is reached, England have been the best team in the world recently. I wonder how well that will ultimately translate to the senior squads.

      Sterling is confounding. He has great skill and is super fast and slippery but when wearing the three lions has not performed. I wonder if he can continue to bother the players with his running and make space for Kane to get close to the goal then this combo might work.

      Perhaps its time to try Vardy. Another super fast runner and skillful operator, who is also deadly in front of the net. If Kane gets injured we will struggle without another good striker and so we need to see if Vardy or someone else can act as a credible deputy so that the other teams don’t think we are a one trick pony. I know Lingard and Stones scored yesterday but I don’t think they would have had the space that they did with a better opposition.

    • I agree. Croatia is the class act in that group. Iceland are tough opponents but may not get a result.

      As for Messi. He is exceptionally talented and the statistics do not lie. But they also bear witness to the exceptional Barcelona team, possibly the best club side ever, raising him on their shoulders. But I question his character.

      Maradona lifted poor sides (Napoli as well as Argentina) to Scudetto and World Cup glory. And he did so as if singlehandedly with display after display of indomitable character. We see the same determination in Ronaldo. He may have played a small part in the final game, but his play and goals took Portugal to the decider two years ago. Messi’s skills rival both, but, when it comes to the crunch, Messi falls short of either.

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    • Regarding Kane I can feel a metatarsal coming. Then again serious shoulder dislocation in the penalty box!

    • Poor from Germany. Looked like they could have played for 900 minutes and still not have scored. Müller looks like the version that turns up at Euros rather than previous World Cups. I think they’ll struggle to get out of the group now (probably means they’ll go on and win it now I’ve said that..)

    • England have a 43.7% chance of reaching the quarters according to this analysis: https://www.theengineer.co.uk/world-cup/

      ..but don’t expect the Scots to be cheering you on: https://yougov.co.uk/news/2018/06/14/third-scots-actively-want-english-football-team-lo/

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