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    she is obviously not female in a way that mist people understand what being female is, just look at her biceps for example.

    We then run into the question of how one defines male and female and the issue is that it’s difficult to come up with an objective measure. Those who think intersex people should be allowed to self identify use this difficulty in objective definition to their advantage by sowing doubt when in fact, we all know deep down that people like Caster are physically different.

    It doesn’t make her any less of a person, just different.

    • I didn’t think that the ruling had questioned whether she is female at all; basically, that isn’t up for debate here. There is a discussion to be had about categorisation of sex/gender and how that is used within sport, but this ruling was made under the current framework and the ruling has therefore said that she is not allowed to have the natural advantage that she does.

      They didn’t ban Miguel Indurain for having abnormally large lungs, or Michael Phelps for having a body that could have been designed for swimming, or any number of other gifted sportspeople for whatever it is that naturally made them so good. Under the way athletics is currently set up, I can’t see any difference which would mean the ruling against Semenya should go the way it has. Tough luck for her…[Read more]

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    I got to a different A&E and they refused to take them due to Health and Safety reasons?!

    @soccergal Did you not try taking them back to the place you got them from (and which you say asked for them back)?

    If you’re now miles away from the place you were treated for some reason then fair enough, giving them to someone else who needs them seems like a good solution. The initial cause of the problem that you’re complaining about seems to be you going to the wrong place though. The NHS doesn’t really operate as a single national organisation.