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    I didn’t think that the ruling had questioned whether she is female at all; basically, that isn’t up for debate here. There is a discussion to be had about categorisation of sex/gender and how that is used within sport, but this ruling was made under the current framework and the ruling has therefore said that she is not allowed to have the natural advantage that she does.

    They didn’t ban Miguel Indurain for having abnormally large lungs, or Michael Phelps for having a body that could have been designed for swimming, or any number of other gifted sportspeople for whatever it is that naturally made them so good. Under the way athletics is currently set up, I can’t see any difference which would mean the ruling against Semenya should go the way it has. Tough luck for her…[Read more]

  • I always think im a better driver than my male friends. A friend who now does garden landscaping for a business was about to reverse his pickup with a trailer on our narrow lane. I was about to offer my help, then remembered he’d run a business with a 60ft low loader latterly delivering equipment for railway track maintenance to remote spots down narrow country lanes. I decided if he needed any help he’d ask!