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  • sar

    1 year, 8 months ago
    I always look forward to the World Cup but I’m starting to think that football has become a non-contact sport.

    Get near the competition and they seem to fall over without any difficulty. I wonder if any of these big strong men would fall on the floor like a big girls blouse if they were hit in the street.

    My 10 year old daughter can take more punishment than these bunch of embarrassments. Managers need to stamp it out and threaten to withdraw their place in the next game of they continue to cheat this way or better still, FIFA disqualifies the game against the cheat retrospectively.

    Why is diving or feigning injury to get an unfair advantage any better than taking steroids, blood doping or roughing up a cricket ball with sandpaper? It drives me nuts to see these so called professionals behave in this way with the tacit encouragement from the manager who, in almost every case, will defend the player?

    • What about all the attackers being literally wrestled to the ground at set pieces? At least the referees appear to have been instructed to take a more severe view.

      • I agree that should be stamped out too and given the introduction of VAR and a 3rd ref I was hoping that this could be dealt with during the game. I agree that there has been lot of this going on (with the striker sometimes going down a little too easily) but Im talking about the stuff which isnt that easily identified where diving or acting are being used as tools to cheat the ref and ultimately the watching public out of a fair result.

        I would rather England lose fairly than win unfairly.

        • This World Cup has been helped but also hindered by VAR. Now we have players screaming at the ref to review every little thing. Injuries are exaggerated even more as an attempt to get VAR to look at things and hopefully get a decision.

          While there have been some things that VAR has helped with, there are many other behaviours that it seems to be encouraging.

          I do like the fact that Gareth Southgate seems to be drumming into the England players that they should do their damnedest to avoid getting hold of anyone in the penalty area and risking a penalty. The Tunisia one went against them – good reason to make sure they keep their discipline.

        • Copy cricket and tennis. Each team can request 2 vars per half. Or similar.

    • I would argue the officials need to stamp it out. It still goes largely unpunished.

      If you very rarely get booked for diving but you often win a free kick, you’re going to dive, aren’t you?

      Refs need to get better at giving free kicks where the fouled player *doesn’t* fall over, and also give more yellows/reds for simulation.

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