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    What would you like to see Arsenal become? Trophies need to be bought these days, not earned and it’s a pretty soulless experience supporting a team that spends circa £300M per year to try and compete at the top level. This still doesn’t guarantee success, either.

    • That’s a pretty good assessment. I’m a Manchester United fan. The Fergie years were great, there is no denying that. Made better for having spirited rivals like Arsenal and Liverpool. And of course there were marquee signings but they felt special and fairly rare. One of the pundits on the radio made the point that £30 million nowadays gets you a…[Read more]

      • I agree entirely. And add to that the disgraceful cheating on the pitch, the bullying of the ref when decisions don’t go their way and the ridiculous earnings. Totally soulless at the moment (apart from the Leicester win) and frustrating to watch. It just feels as though the whole sport is without integrity from the top to the bottom which in…[Read more]

    • Last summer Arsenal made profit in the transfer market. I’d like to see them spend some of their massive wealth on players. They’ve bought too many duffers – so need to sort this out (one of the reasons Wenger has to go). And I’d like to see them playing as if they really meant it – bad management a key factor here (another reason Wenger has to…[Read more]

      • Serious question – how is it bad management re: the playing style?
        It’s brilliant what Wigan did (as a United fan you had me cheering from the rafters). But, you’ll not be bank rolling a bid for Messi anytime soon off the back of a good FA Cup run. It almost (could?) prove where the focus lies. There are trophies and there are trophies – unfortunately.

      • Buying trophies is why football is the new wrestling – it’s entertainment but it’s not sport. Just like you sit there in a Bond film routing for 007 to win, but really he always does. The outcomes are predictable. Can’t see why the average person wastes any time, money or effort on professional football. Plenty of good sport available these…[Read more]

    • Here is an example of money in football.

      We have a world cup being held in Quatar. We hear of human rights violations and workers dying on a regular basis. Its basically the land that time forgot.

      We have a top level manager in Pep Guardiola being held up as a shining light for his support of the Barcalona independence fight wearing his…[Read more]

  • sar posted a new activity comment 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I recall the outcry when Russia was awarded this year’s World Cup, people demanding we (The Home Nations teams) boycott that event. All gone quiet now.

    And the next Winter Olympics in China?

  • sar posted a new activity comment 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    In what way? Funding for summer Olympics is very much ring fenced for competitors and then only for those with a realistic chance of being competitive. Unless new facilities have been built which are open to all that £28 million has no legacy.

  • We all like to be needed, men included. I think a lot of men measure their own self worth by being high earners, fixing things, being the physically stronger one. So an independent woman who isn’t looking for that in her partner confuses, bewilders and unintentionally undermines them.

  • I couldn’t find anything much that said that custom was found to make a significant difference compared to good brand non custom. I am not trying to rubbish anyone’s experiences with customs just explain how I got to not using them. Others are of course welcome to do their own research as it is a very frequent problem!

    Obviously I decided to try…[Read more]

  • I went the orthotic route no real improvement. Not personalized because all the published research says custom is no better.
    Changed my regular footwear to minimalist/barefoot style and it was revolutionary. If it came up again I would try and find some shockwave now too.