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    • Margaret Thatcher (not in a good way!)

      Anyone who was a suffragette

      Marie Curie

      Florence Nighingale

      Marie Pasteur

    • I do hope these England ‘fans’ are sent to jail. This will give their idiot mates another opportunity to chant, ‘It’s Coming Home’ in a few months time.

    • Best thing is to ask for an MRI before you go for any treatment. Sciatica is an umbrella term for a number of symptoms and unless they can tell you it’s definitely trapped, impinged or crushed it would be hard for any professional to recommend a course of action or treatment and anyone doing so is simply fobbing you off

      I’ve had sciatica on and off for years. I’ve had a prolapsed disc and also impingement on the other side. Both sides have had different treatment which has worked. Myofascial release and posture re-alignment for one side and yoga for the other – as you can deduce, both involve posture/core work. Theres no denying imbalance in the body due to tightness/slackness in your fascia, tendons, ligaments, muscle etc will pull your straightness out of balance and this is easy to remedy…. however!! If your BONES are involved it’s very very difficult to treat and you might require an operation. Thankfully MRI showed that my prblems were superficial not structural.

      So… please please please request an MRI.

    • Are we defining independence mostly as a financial thing?

      maybe I am mixing up independence with being pragmatic. I am not financially independent in that I could afford what I have on my own. But OH loves that I can dig myself out of snow drifts, drive a lorry, fix guttering and not fall into a hysterical mess in a crisis. he earns 4X what I do, that is never going to change-not sure what I could do about that. I was in a serious relationship years ago whereby my fierce financial independence became an issue in that he got fed up that we didn’t do the things he could afford that I couldn’t -I relaxed about it and learned to enjoy it.

    • I work as paramedic and my male colleague decided I needed to be watched back in my ambulance (admittedly it is trust policy but rarely adhered to, and this particular person was just condescending and hard work in general). I watched with great amusement via the rear view camera as they walked backwards into a massive deep puddle….how I laughed.

    • Passion, drive, guts etc…. rarer qualities these days, but in abundance in many GB Olympic athletes. Wonder what it is that makes footie so different.

      A sense of entitlement? Look at Iceland’s display. They have no chance of winning it but set out a stall, stuck to the plan and got a great result. Population the size of where I’m from and hold one of the favorites! That’s team spirit.

    • Or a damaged quiff from heading the ball! There’s no guile in that team, or any team we’ve had for 20 odd years. Bunch of overvalued twunts.

      Maybe we will win it by stealth?

    • Given their population and India. Why don’t they win the world cup

    • Can you speak to the doctor who said they were referring for an MRI?

Viewing 4 reply threads