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    For once (every rule has an exception), the eu could really interfere in a beneficial way. Ban whole herd preventative antibiotic use and make them prescription only in the whole of the eu. Then start applying pressure through the WHO globally. I think we might regret this more than climate change in a few decades.

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    Easy availability is a big problem; you can walk into a pharmacy in Africa and buy one or two tablets. People don’t see why they should buy and finish an entire course, which is a waste of their precious cash.

    Anybody who fears the pharmaceutical industry will not solve the problem has no understanding of the money that’s at stake. An executive from AstraZeneca told me they are well down the road to developing viruses, which will infect those bacteria and kill them.

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    Cheating at sport really does seem strange – but then cheating at anything seems strange to me.

    With regards to “cheating” at sport I do laugh when I’m at a kids cycle race, see all the kids (under 10’s) rolling around the course on top of the range bikes, light as a feather, yet all within the approved guidelines – I do then wonder where it will all stop, at what point will their parents stop encouraging them within the limits and start offering them PED’s to improve performance etc. (or perhaps even the kids will ask for it, to enable them to beat their mates etc.)

    but then what is cheating? staying on one side of an arbitary drawn up code of rules?

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    If Britain boycotts the world cup and no one else does, then if will make Britain look isolated not Russia.

    At the moment no other country is likely to boycott the World Cup, especially since the UK is one of the main routes for dirty money leaving Russia, and three premier league teams are owned by Russians with good links to Putin.

    Putin would probably be more affected if employed a few hundred more tax inspectors and looked into shady business dealings, but then he might return the favour.

    • Indeed. If we want to make any substantial impact on Russia then we need to hit them in the wallet, it seems to be the only thing they understand. Quite why major sports tournaments keep going to countries that are f*cked up is beyond my comprehension…unless bribes are involved.

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    I don’t think there are any winter sports to roll out to the inner-city masses – maybe ice hockey?

    Otherwise seems a shame to abandon a major international get-together for the sake of £28m – compared to about £20bn we spent hosting the summer olympics.

    Skeleton was good tv

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    You seem to know more about the Aguero incident than the rest of us??? Much more than you could possibly have taken from the television pictures.

    • From the telly pictures I saw he was clearly being jostled and antagonized by 3 or 4 wigan supporters. one of the Man City subs or staff was trying to get Aguero out of the way, but one of the Wigan “fans” was repeatedly getting right in his face.

      I dont believe even opposing supporters would have physically assaulted him but what was evident from even a few seconds footage was that he was in a position of risk that should not have happened.

  • I think I consider myself independent. I think my soon to be ex OH always found that a bit difficult to be honest. So maybe it does affect relationships. Sometimes I have been the major earner, at others not – but I do not consider independence to be just a financial thing, more a viewpoint.
    I think I am too old to change though, and to be honest I would not want to be dependent now anyway. I think that would scare me!