• pippy posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Should England go to the Football World Cup in Moscow? I’m generally against using sport as a political football (excuse the pun), but this is different as there is a risk to both footballers and fans. It presents the Russians with too many opportunities to be a least difficult, and much worse is possible. I know that if England, Germany and other NATO countries were to withdraw from the competition then it would severely degrade the event. Then again the Russians would have a great chance of winning it. a difficult call as it is up to the individual Football Associations rather than governments. Early days yet and by then is could all be brushed under the carpet, but for how long do we let Putin keep getting away with swinging his weight around?

    • Sport as it relates to national teams is inherently political.

      I don’t think England should go to the World Cup, no, if sufficient evidence exists to link Russia to the Skripal killing. Ideally there would be some international unity, but I can’t really see that happening.

      I don’t think the players would be at risk, but the fans would from Russian hooligans. You’d be mad to go as a supporter.

    • If Britain boycotts the world cup and no one else does, then if will make Britain look isolated not Russia.

      At the moment no other country is likely to boycott the World Cup, especially since the UK is one of the main routes for dirty money leaving Russia, and three premier league teams are owned by Russians with good links to Putin.

      Putin would probably be more affected if employed a few hundred more tax inspectors and looked into shady business dealings, but then he might return the favour.

      • Indeed. If we want to make any substantial impact on Russia then we need to hit them in the wallet, it seems to be the only thing they understand. Quite why major sports tournaments keep going to countries that are f*cked up is beyond my comprehension…unless bribes are involved.

    • I’m assuming that England will only stay for the group stage before returning home to an enraged media, then the hunt for a new manager can begin.