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    • CS clearly considers herself female, but she just as clearly is not. Instead, she is a human who is genetically male but with a fetal developmental defect leading to female secondary sexual development (which also includes mental aspects and thus female sexual self identification as a consequence of this female mode development).

      In contrast, the development of her musculature especially during since puberty did not follow this female mode. Instead, her muscle cells are apparently sensitive to the testosterone produced by her testes. To note, she improved from an 800m time of 2.04 to 1.55 within nine months around age 17, which in fact triggered the initial sex test of 2009 (such a change is either a sign of massive doping, or the puberty related changes typical for male development).

      While for most fields (social, legal, etc.) CS’s status as a woman must not be questioned, it therefore makes no sense to do so in sport: The relevant part of her physiology is, like her genetic makeup, male. Thus, she should be treated as a good but not international level male athlete rather than the world’s outstanding female runner.

      She is not unique in this, e.g. the two other medalists of the 2016 Olympic 800 m race are both also either known or strongly suspected to have the same condition.

    • This was pure farce:


      The Chinese U20 was accepted last year into the German 4th division (Southwest) for a season. The highest placed of the relegated German teams was understandably very pissed off. The experiment was stopped after one game (which China lost 3:0) for various reasons.

    • Thanks for your replies! I think if it doesnt settle down soon I will go see a doctor. At the moment my foots just gone numb and weird :/

    • Why is total independence considered the be all and end all? I am certainly not subservient to my OH but I also wouldn’t say that I am independent of him either, what I do affect him and vice versa so we both take the other into consideration when making decision. E.g. In SC’s example above I would be FURIOUS if my OH handed in his resignation without discussing it with me, IMO it would be selfish and inconsiderate and by the same measure I would never make such a big decision without consulting him.

      I would say we go against many conventions, e.g. I am the higher wage earner, I proposed to him etc, but I would never say I am independent of him or, for that matter, him of me.

    • I had a cyst on mine, the Dr took it very seriously and wanted to remove the coxyx! Sadly this would have meant the end of soccer for me, so I refused his kind offer, despite dire warnings that I would one day crawl back to him and beg him to do the operation with the pain.

      No, in fact it got better over time just fine.

    • It’s a horrible thing.
      Rolling a small frozen water bottle on your foot gives relief.
      I had insoles made with helped loads when it was awful and I also have various over the counter insoles. I use a elastic sort of half sock the supports the instep which I use sometimes.
      Physio helps as does lasering the area.
      Fling out shoes that make it worse.
      It was years before I could walk on hard floors without shoes.

    • Is that the same as reactive arthritis? Infection in the joint (I think), swollen, hot and painful?
      My OH had reactive arthritis in his knee years ago, he was on high dose ibuprofen and occasionally injections to draw fluid off the knee. It took months to clear up (sorry, I can’t remember how long, I have a feeling he wasn’t fully healed for a year).

      In the end the thing that seemed to fix it was a visit to a kinesiologist who ‘prescribed’ some sort of iron tincture. I’d like to add, my OH is the most sceptical person there is, he only went to shut his dad up!
      He was cautious with the knee for a while afterwards but is a very keen cyclist and is back to doing everything he did before and has been for years now. I think the only long term affect is that that knee is a bit more sensitive to him getting ill now, i.e. It gets a bit achy if he’s ill.

      Hope that helps (if it is the same thing). Best wishes.

      EDIT: Sorry, just done some reading and I think they are a bit different. Septic arthritis is infection in the joint, reactive arthritis is an auto-immune response causing arthritis in a joint following another infection in the body such as food poisoning.
      Not sure if the treatment and outcomes are similar. My OH is a very active person and was very grumpy throughout due to not being able to do what he wanted. He’s back to normal now other than a slightly sensitive knee joint, happily cycling hundreds of miles per month.

    • @mel It might sound ridiculous, but I work in community equipment services, so I am just saying how it is.

    • Crutches cost around £10 to purchase. The charge to collect and decontaminate crutches to the required infecting control standards cost in the region of £20.

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