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    Following this thread with interest. OP I look forward to hearing how you get on with your GP.

    I had a cyst on mine, the Dr took it very seriously and wanted to remove the coxyx! Sadly this would have meant the end of soccer for me, so I refused his kind offer, despite dire warnings that I would one day crawl back to him and beg him to do the operation with the pain.

    No, in fact it got better over time just fine.

    @nicola Can I ask why coccyx removal would mean the end of playing soccer? I badly damaged mine two weeks ago giving birth to my lovely baby and have been in excruciating pain ever since. I was thinking surgery might be my only hope of ever playing soccer again!

  • @sophie Definitely don’t want chafing! Tkmaxx might be best bet then.

    @nicola Like the cats eyes but my behind is rather large and not one to draw attention too :
    I have these, but not brave enough to wear them running yet! Had them for Physio lol


  • Crutches cost around £10 to purchase. The charge to collect and decontaminate crutches to the required infecting control standards cost in the region of £20.

    @nicola That’s ridiculous. I’m a microbiologist so know and a little about killing bugs and we could effectively decontaminate stuff like crutches for pennies. They are designed to be easily cleaned and would need little more than a good wipe down with something like distel, trigene, or Virkon. And if you were feeling really keen you. Could probably just chuck them in the autoclave. And anyway, we’re not talking about surgical instruments and the hands of the person handing the crutches to the patient are far more likely to be the contamination source than the crutches themselves.