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    That money goes into supporting winter sports at different levels. I imagine tens of thousands of people will have benefited from this funding to some extent.

    • In what way? Funding for summer Olympics is very much ring fenced for competitors and then only for those with a realistic chance of being competitive. Unless new facilities have been built which are open to all that £28 million has no legacy.

  • I’ve had several relationships were the men haven’t coped very well at how mentally and physically strong I am, I kid you not. One used to get quite frustrated that he appeared to struggle lifting things at the farm when I was flinging the things over my back like it were a light rucksack!

    There are some blokes out there who actually do want a lady to ‘look after’ and while I imagine a lot of women would love this, I am certainly not one of them. I don’t even like the gentlemanly stuff like pulling the ladies chair out for them or helping them put their jacket on.

    It really is no wonder I’m single!