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    But compared to the Spain v Portugal game, last night looked like Sunday pub league match.

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    THere was an excellent documentary on BBC recently about one of their academies, not sure if it’s been still on iplayer but a fascinating insight in to how they’re applying their efforts to develop their national squad.

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    Annoying distraction for the next month. Not even the pinnacle of world football in terms of entertainment and skill levels, the Champions league knock-out games are much better.

    France to win, or maybe Germany or Brazil. England will be better than previous and will comfortably get to the quarters when a proper team will knock them out.

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    I was in a similar position and discovered that I could pay for an MRI at the local university, it wasn’t as much as I thought it would be (£300 ish). I too had a prolapsed disc and I’ve been doing physio led pilates for about 18 months that has helped enormously. Be careful about who you go to for pilates – there are pilates classes… and th…[Read more]

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    Perhaps rugby might be a good sport to look at for this, rather than football.

    I don’t think I can explain it very eloquently but I will try (probably because I am no longer familiar with the exact nuances of the rules).

    In rugby, during the game, part of the ‘game’ is to try and take actions that are to your advantage (handling the ball…[Read more]

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    It’s fair to say that Wenger, with the honourable exceptions of Campbell and Kosczelny (sp?) has always come up short on defenders but he followed Bergkamp with

    Thierry Henri, Robert Pires, Manu Petit, Patrick Viera, Freddie Ljundberg, Fabregas

    Hardly unproductive signings

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    I had this exactly as you described, turned out to be my sacrum and not my coccyx.
    This physio gave me a number of stretches and this one helped immensely:

    It’s unlikely your gp will do anything for any kind of back pain other than pain meds so if you can afford it I can’t recommend enough seeing a physio/ sports…[Read more]

  • @sar My custom insole made a huge different you can’t have a over the counter insoles that takes differing leg length into account customs do.

  • Crutches cost around £10 to purchase. The charge to collect and decontaminate crutches to the required infecting control standards cost in the region of £20.

    @nicola That’s ridiculous. I’m a microbiologist so know and a little about killing bugs and we could effectively decontaminate stuff like crutches for pennies. They are designed to be e…[Read more]

  • I agree the women’s soccer has been a lot more exciting! But that being said the mens game tonight Brazil vs Germany will be really exciting to watch.. will the Germans be super mean to Brazil yet again and thrash them? I think to many in Brazil this game will be the most important event in the entire Olympics… if they win it will make the game…[Read more]

  • What a great final!
    It really is just Sweden’s luck to concede an own goal in the final when they have been playing so good defensively (even if extremely boring) through the whole tournament. Maybe they should have just stuck to boring defense and not take any risks at all ever next time.

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    Take a look at this tiny little pitch the Western New York Flash and Seattle Reign have had to play on recently..see attached photo. A compelte joke right? These two side are two of the biggest teams in womens soccer over here in america but still have to make do with rubbish like this… I somewhat doubt any major mens football team would put up…[Read more]

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