• I am equal to my OH, as in same or similar job. When he was promoted and started being on a higher wage it coincided with me getting more overtime and teaching outside of work, so he never earned more than me.

    I hate housework so checked out of that, and employed a cleaner! I did the washing, we shared the ironing and he did most of the shopping and cooking.

    We both retired but I now work part time, so he does the cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and cooking.

    BUT – I do know a couple where she has a lesser paid job. She did all the child raising though, cleaning, washing and cooking. She is very happy, as is he. Each to their own I guess.

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    Which would make you think it’s the kind of event you want to run a mile from… these are hardly subtle warning signs. If they couldn’t get anyone to work the event, that might have been a hint that they seriously need to change the format. It won’t be s problem in the future though.

    @emma Another woman, 28, with experience of hostess work, observing the braying men around her said this was significantly different to previous black tie jobs. At other events, men occasionally would try to flirt with her, she said, but she had never felt uncomfortable or, indeed, frightened. She reported being repeatedly fondled on her bottom, hips, stomach and legs. One guest lunged at her to kiss her. Another invited her upstairs to his room.

    I guess there are gigs and then there are gigs.

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    It is impossible to condone their behaviour but…

    You’ll try anyway.

    If folk think these men were bad, they should try crossing paths in a factory with a predominantly women only assembly line etc..

    …revealed the 130 hostesses were told to wear skimpy black outfits with matching underwear and high heels, and made to sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting work.

    It’s all about who has the power.

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    Definitely go to your GP. I had the same and it was diagnosed as Mortons Neuroma by my GP and by a podiatrist. GP booked me an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis and it turned out to be bursitis (fluid swells up in the sacs in the foot and causes pain/discomfort). GP did a cortisone injection and I had to stay off running for 6 weeks and it’s now mostly gone. In the meantime, problems are generally caused by badly fitting shoes. Wearing insoles will make it worse because they’ll make the shoes tighter so unless you’re prepared to pay out for bigger shoes, don’t bother. As far as you can, wear shoes that are as comfortable as possible and obviously any shoes with worn out soles won’t be great. Good luck healing.

  • When I had my gait analysis done a few weeks ago, I got to try out all the trainers they recommended on the treadmill before I chose a pair. I went straight out that evening and ran 5km in the ones I chose, no problem at all and no breaking in required. Previously I was running in some cheaply ones from Sports Direct. My new ones are new balance – I am also a neutral runner.

    Could you go back to a different gait analysis place and test some out before you buy?

    You could also try some insoles. I’ve just ordered some Footreviver insoles for my hiking boots which give me blisters on the balls of my toes. They are supposed to be suitable for running too.

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    2nd in the PL to a virtually invincible Man City and topped their CL group.

    He seems to be doing pretty well to me.

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    Obviously she doesn’t know what she is talking about, as she’s a woman and French.

    How the hell can flirting or, lord save us “hitting on someone” ever be right?

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    These type of chairs will take a lot of strain off of your back, as you’re kneeling onto your shins more than sitting on your coccyx all day. Might not be possible to get one in the type of work you do.


    Or as beckye recommended, a coccyx cushion will help a lot it you’re sitting in a normal chair. Even an inflatable swimming ring will work really well.

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    I had some insoles made for me, and also loads of over the counter ones. The custom ones were better, but for success i taming the pain I found that wearing them all the time was the key, and changing them from one set of shoes to another is a faff.

    So, the custom ones went in my work boots for day to day wearing, and the over the counter ones filled every other set of shoes/ slippers I *may* put on.

    The over the counter ones with the hard arch were better than the ones that gain lift from shaped foam IME.

    I also had some tight half socks that support the arch for running. My running shoes are made for the purpose, and were fitted after a shop saw me running on a machine to correct my abnormal gait!

    I use a spiky ball to roll under the foot. Also salt foot baths.