• @lilly I had a pair from the running shop so would hope they are decent – £8 a pair, no brand name that I can see on them though. I feel a bit of a fraud right now as I’m only up to a 3 min run! But if the shoes kill after 20 mins of walk/run with 3 min burst of running then I’m not going to make much progress. I really, really need for this to work. I am SO unfit. Meeting at a local running club with a huge number of others at a similar stage has been very motivating.

  • donna replied to the topic Mourinho in the forum General Banter 1 year, 10 months ago

    He doesn’t get results.

    @lilly He does, though. United wouldn’t be in the Champions league if he hadn’t.

    Sean Dyche is the exact opposite to the above, and more likely to replicate Fergie.

    I like Dyche, like his style, like his attitude. But Fergie was a once-in-a-generation manager and no-one is ever going to get close to his record. But, should the opportunity arise, I’d like to see Dyche offered an interview for the job.

  • @lilly Can I get them made via the doctor