• I wear supportive shoes, tried orthotics and do my stretching already.
    Think I may try some laser with a physio.

    @amy Did you have the insoles made for you or were they over the counter .
    If over the counter ones did not work get a pair made for you insoles did not help me much until I did and then they got me pain free .
    I still wear them regularly and put them on the moment I get a twinge.

  • Ok first get out of flat heels. JD Williams do a ‘cushion walk’ sandal which is a heel which supports as well as being ‘airy’ and designed to give comfort. My sports injury clinic chap looked at my plantar fasciitis and said he is making a booming business due to all the silly ballerina pumps out there that give no heel support at all.

    I had it in my right foot for about eight months and then it moved over to the left foot. The pain was horrendous and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    typically its caused by lots of standing in unsupportive shoes, as well as running on unsupportive trainers and being overweight – these last two factors were my problem.

    After twelve months, strapping my foot, doing exercises with my feet (rolling foot over rolling pin) and wearing heel…[Read more]