• Does she identify as male outside the sport? I’d never heard that before.

  • I am prescribed zomig for migraines but if it’s a sicky one I find syndol works better.

    If I’ve got a headache that feels like it’ll get worse I have to be selective as to what I take as sometimes paracetamol or ibru won’t touch them. I get about 2 days of awful headaches during my time of the month and I just take syndol there is no point trying ibru or paracetamol as they won’t touch them.

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    Football people treat cheating as “part and parcel”, whereas cricket sets itself higher standards.

    I’m sure performance enhancing drugs are used routinely in professional football. Nobody gives a shit about that – they barely even get tested.

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    You would think, as a spurs fan, I would be happy at seeing what is happening at Arsenal. I’m not though. Because Arsenal, alongside Spurs and Liverpool should be the models of what modern football clubs are built on. Unfortunately, they are now selling their souls to investors who see millionaires as paupers.

    There are hundreds of different sides to this. Fans paying sky tv’s ludicrous costs to watch matches. Clubs underhand activities tapping up players (Arsenal started the rot stealing Campbell from Spurs and almost tripling the highest wages in the league overnight because they got him for free so they can do one when they start losing players because other clubs pay more).

    The thing is Arsenal have been run very well and had hundreds of millions in the bank up until…[Read more]

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    All of this is true. But let’s not be totally blinded by the giant-killing moment.

    Aguero was on the pitch, on his own, surrounded by Wigan fans who should not have been there, with pretty much no protection. Obviously he was coming in for some abuse, taunting and goading and shouldn’t react, but who was making sure he got safely off the pitch? He shouldn’t lash out – clearly, but heaven knows how threatened he was feeling at the time.

    Wigan should also face criticism for losing control of their ground at the end of the game and putting players in danger.

    City fans throwing objects onto the pitch – stupidity (and pointless).

    (Liverpool fan by the way – no axe to grind).

    • Great result for Wigan but I imagine there will be some kind of penalty for the pitch invasion, which will take the gloss off a tremendous night for them, especially if City complain their players were put at risk.

  • I’m a independent woman which is just how my OH likes it. I think generally that men who don’t like it are probably using the dependence as an ego trip. I could easily manage on my own, but that’s not to say I’d want to. I’m probably the more dominant in the relationship as I’m so much happier about making decisions. OH just prefers not to have to do that about small things and is happy for me to get on with it. He’s not somehow inferior to me because of it, he’s just very focused on his work and would rather not have added stress of day to day things. If it’s a big decision we’ll discuss it and he might have a different opinion than me, but not often.

    I’m not financially independent though which I think is a different issue. He works hard, I do everything else and our finances…[Read more]