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    • Here’s an interesting conundrum for you all to consider

      If England and Belgium win their next games and so both qualify before the final game, which merely becomes a question of who tops the group. Brazil and Germany improve on initial matches and qualify, but the latter is second to Mexico and so play Brazil in the last 16. This is known before the Eng-Bel match, whilst the winners of Group H (Japan, Poland, Senegal, Columbia) isn’t known but isn’t exactly terrifying.

      Now then the winners of Eng-Bel, if they win their R2 match, will face Germany or Brazil. The losers, again if they win in R2, would face someone like Mexico or Switzerland.

      Will either side try to win?

    • Wow, what a game! Germany beaten by Mexico.

    • More generally, why aren’t these countries and the ones in between not good at any athletic sports?

    • I have suffered with bad sciatica in the past, regular shiatsu massage really helps. Now I just have piriformus pain (like sciatica but pain stays up near the hip more)

      About 6 weeks ago I discovered a local trigger point pilates class. WOW what a difference, who knew that sitting on a pair of squishy prickly balls could be so good. It’s a cross between yoga and pilates, using foam rollers and squishy balls. I feel so much straighter and my core strength and flexibility are really improving.

    • Can I ask why everyone dislikes the water rowers so much? They are all they have at the gym I currently go to, and when I go and row on an air one now there is so little resistance that I feel like I’m doing nothing!

    • I don’t know of any of my male friends who would think like this and my OH wouldn’t dare . Only one of my female friends is a stay at home mum (and she was always the one I knew would end up doing that) although some work part time. All the couples I know share all the jobs at home and none of the women would ever feel or act inferior or as if they’re subservient to their partners. I earn more than my OH and most of my friends earn very similar amounts (pro rata for the part timers). We’re all university educated from upper working/ middle class backgrounds, in decent, pretty gender neutral jobs, and in our 30s so I wonder if that has anything to do with it in that older men or men in more traditionally male roles at work might think differently?

    • Could be a lot of things…..subacromial impingement, bursitis, rotator cuff tear, calcium deposits in tendons…I would recommend seeing your GP who may refer you to a specialist. Sometimes all is needed is some physiotherapy, or maybe a steroid injection into the shoulder. He may also send you for an ultrasound scan/x ray . You could try some anti inflammatory meds..eg Brufen/Paracetemol. What age are you? I am in no way trying to diagnose your shoulder problem but giving you some pointers. My hubby is an upper limb orthopaedic surgeon so he sees a lot of shoulders. Hope you get it sorted soon.

    • if you are from the uk go and see a private physio, they are usually much better with more chronic-type/sports injuries than nhs ones IME.

    • Part of the issue not the initial move, be that a peck on the cheek or what, it’s the response and understanding after.

      If the person recoils/ pushes you away/ acts in any way uncomfortable you step back apologies and explain yourself before excusing yourself and finding yourself a hole you can crawl into to hide your embarrassment. This goes for both men and women in my opinion.

      It pretty much the tea scenario. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQbei5JGiT8

    • If you have poor posture when sitting that can cause coccyx problems. Or pregnancy/childbirth can affect the ligaments around the coccyx and cause pain.

    • It’s a horrid thing to have. I did stretches as recommended by Pilates above, which are the same as the exercises for my Achilles, & it did go and *touch wood* hasn’t been back, & I’m running around 22 miles a week.

      I feel for you as it bl**dy hurts…!

    • Interesting. I still have crutches from 2005 (NHS-issued) when I broke an ankle. Nobody requested that I return them but I did try to do so, and whoever it was that I saw quite politely and convincingly explained that the paperwork involved would actually cost the NHS more than the value of the crutches. This made sense to me at the time and makes even more sense now (I work for a large corporation, private sector, and the bureaucracy can seem inefficient in terms of man hours – I am told that in the public sector it is far worse)

      I am surprised that you were asked to return yours due to their value. Were they fancy? Mine were the standard aluminum tubing ones, I imagine they cost the NHS no more than £20 wholesale.

      They are handy for getting free priority boarding on cheap flights (I have NEVER done this) 😉

Viewing 11 reply threads