• @kelly Nah, they seemed pretty standard. I was asked to return them regardless as it made sense to me. I really don’t have a use for them. Well, apart from the fact that the scan last month revealed that I have broken my ankle before (fully healed up by now, but there’s a chip floating around) and I am still not sure how that happened.

    There’s few articles suggesting they should be accepting them regardless:

    > The Isle of Wight NHS Trust is spending thousands of pounds every year on replacement crutches. For every 50 pairs of crutches that are issued to patients only 10 pairs are returned.


    > The trust lends more than 5,000 pairs of crutches out each year and the vast…[Read more]

  • @kelly You go girl! Unfortunately not all us girls are so good at driving.
    I recently hired a van to help my daughter move house in Macclesfield. She moved from a flat to a house, probably about a mile and a bit away. Three journeys to and fro, probably clocked up about 10 miles in total.

    All went well until the last six feet of the journey. Crashed the van into the door of the depot as I was dropping it off. Trashed the side of the van. Lost my £250 deposit. Including the £30 rental. Worked out about £28 per mile.