• Kelly posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Dear Wigan fans, your manager got wound up (going ballistic in the tunnel at the ref and our manager), Aguero got wound up (lashed out at a fan) and some of your fans were a total and utter disgrace. We did provoke your fans, which was wrong, but the reaction was well bad, and carried one once we moved away – ripping stuff up and throwing it at the police, fighting with the police. A fan threw summat at one of our players during the game, Not good. Pity, coz you’ve played the best footie by miles in the league, and hopefully Europe. I expected better from a team used to the lows of football.

    • Success can cause arrogance and with that an almost given right to win a football match.

      They are not familiar with loosing. A shame they have forgotten where they have come from.

    • Guardiola. Classy guy…. If any of the ground staff find his dummy, then it’d only be fair to return it.

    • All of this is true. But let’s not be totally blinded by the giant-killing moment.

      Aguero was on the pitch, on his own, surrounded by Wigan fans who should not have been there, with pretty much no protection. Obviously he was coming in for some abuse, taunting and goading and shouldn’t react, but who was making sure he got safely off the pitch? He shouldn’t lash out – clearly, but heaven knows how threatened he was feeling at the time.

      Wigan should also face criticism for losing control of their ground at the end of the game and putting players in danger.

      City fans throwing objects onto the pitch – stupidity (and pointless).

      (Liverpool fan by the way – no axe to grind).

      • Great result for Wigan but I imagine there will be some kind of penalty for the pitch invasion, which will take the gloss off a tremendous night for them, especially if City complain their players were put at risk.

    • Absolutely disgusting situation for Aguero to be in. To the point it nearly took away the massive feeling of achievement and what football should be about.

      IMO Wigan should be dealt with in the harshest possible manner as this wasn’t just fans cheering and goading Aguero. He could quite easily be in a hospital bed this morning or worse.

      It will be discussed to death but where were the police, stewards etc to get the players off the pitch safely. There is talk they were outside presuming a nice straightforward win for City so it would go off without any issues. Well it didn’t and NO PLAYER should have to fight his way back off the pitch.

      The Aguero situation wasn’t bad loser. It was player who has run his backside off, full of adrenulin, getting confronted by FOOTBALL HOOLIGAN who swung at him amongst other things.

      I am all for the joys of underdogs etc but as a Liverpool fan stated this morning. If this is possible then they might consider bringing back fencing and we all know how that effects the game.

      Shame on Wigan.

      The rest was just handbags

      Congratulations for a brilliant spectacle of football though. As a spurs supporter I sat with my Liverpool supporting son and had a great time until the last whistle

      • You seem to know more about the Aguero incident than the rest of us??? Much more than you could possibly have taken from the television pictures.

        • From the telly pictures I saw he was clearly being jostled and antagonized by 3 or 4 wigan supporters. one of the Man City subs or staff was trying to get Aguero out of the way, but one of the Wigan “fans” was repeatedly getting right in his face.

          I dont believe even opposing supporters would have physically assaulted him but what was evident from even a few seconds footage was that he was in a position of risk that should not have happened.

    • I think Aguero will get a ban, the game has changed, a decade ago a bit of fan/player contact was nothing but it is more serious now. Remember schmeichel rugby tacking turkish fan and dragging him off the pitch.

      But he also pushed/punched him and then kicked out so I think a 1-3 game ban. His reaction was understandable but doubt the FA will see that. Rooney got a 3 game ban for swearing after scoring a crucial goal. He’ll struggle to make the case he had to push/punch him and kick him for his own defence.

      Great game by Wigan though, that was a huge shock result, great goal. What was Walker doing, that was just criminal.

      The red was a deffo red. Again in the modern game you walk for them, studs up, foot off the ground. Had the defenders leg been planted it could have been a leg breaker. I was watching a vinny jones compilation the other day and its amazing what was OK 20 years ago. But in the modern game that was a red all day long.