• Of course she is an XY intersex. There are many reasons and many degrees to which the developmental trajectory can be shifted from the normal (for XY) male mode to female, including SRY deletion (which would lead to full female development including the primary sexual organs), or defective androgen production, defective androgen sensing, or defective androgen responses (which tends to lead to various intersex phenotypes). Not all tissues need respond in the same way, either.

    My point is that in the case of CS the musculature still responded, at least in part, to the elevated testosterone levels that are associated with her primary male genetic makeup, especially during and since puberty.

    This is the main thing that distinguishes physical development in young men from young…[Read more]

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    Neymar was brilliant yesterday.

    Serbia were robbed……how that wasn’t a penalty when their forward was wrestled to the floor by two defenders was even more baffling than the penalty that never was against Harry Kane.

    Nigeria finally showed what African Football is capable of in this World Cup. As good as Iceland were in the first half Nigeria were superb and I hope they qualify from the group.

    A great day for the World Cup.

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    Hope it sorts itself out, look at getting your mattress checked, it may be too soft and not offer the support you need.

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    Great result for Wigan but I imagine there will be some kind of penalty for the pitch invasion, which will take the gloss off a tremendous night for them, especially if City complain their players were put at risk.

  • To a certain extent surely it has to be a big generational as roles have changed. It’s not that long ago that your whole life changed just because you got married.

    It’s interesting because I would find it hard to consider someone with no income as indepdent, I suspect that is a bit of black and white thinking but it’s interesting to read that you do SC.

    My Dad is definitely not independent, he likes someone to sort eveything out.

    My own view has changed, I would always have said I was happy and pleased to be very independent but quite frankly I would love someone else to do some of it for me 🙁