• @jess I guess we have to agree to disagree. But even if I am wrong and it does not reveal underlying misogyny it reveals his stupidity and lack of judgement. IMO that should be more than enough to exclude him from a job for which the topic of his “joke” is particularly inappropriate.

    I also still maintain that the very idea that such a joke could be appropriate and funny tells you something about the “lad culture” and the attitudes towards women ingrained in football, which I have seen first hand playing Sunday league pub football.

    Again, the FA should be seen to make an effort in tackling these issues after the long overdue sacking of Sampson, but as usual they manage to pick the one candidate that, in this context only, carries baggage.

    All that aside, parachuting in a male…[Read more]

  • skipper replied to the topic Mourinho in the forum General Banter 2 years ago

    Liverpool are an awful team this year compared to other years. They’ve no midfield and Cann is off soon. Attacking they are great but behind that there’s a very weak team. Until they sign a keeper worthy of being at a top premiership team I’d be surprised if they made the champions league. They should have signed Schmeichel last summer.

    @jess Actually Liverpool are considerably better this year than last year. They are awful compared with Liverpool teams of the Rafa era and long before that I’ll agree. You’re correct that we need a top keeper. The agenda re our defense is getting tiresome, since the capitulation to Spurs we’ve conceded very few (also unbeaten since then), in the league at home this season we’ve only conceded 4 or 5. Plus we now have a top central defender with…[Read more]

  • supersoccerfan replied to the topic Mourinho in the forum General Banter 2 years ago

    the weak performance against Liverpool was most dissappointing.

    @jess He’s frightened of Liverpool, it wasn’t a weak performance, it was a defensive performance as ordered by Mourinho.