• jess posted an update 1 year ago

    Boycott the next World Cup in Qatar? So many people have died building the stadiums, let alone the abuse and neglect of workers and their human rights, yet there is little in the way of public commendation.


    • Kelly replied 1 year ago

      Various folk from arab nations are the only people keeping the rich in footballer rich. They are bankrolling so many clubs, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. So don’t expect to hear anything strongly condemning from the FA etc..

      • faye replied 1 year ago

        Exactly. You get situations where Pep Gaurdiola wears a yellow ribbon in support for jailed Catalonian politicians, which is against FA rules… yet is an ambassador for the Qatar World Cup where far more human rights issues are a problem. Then you look at who pays his salary and it all starts to make sense.

        Has football ever been a beacon of integrity, honesty and morality? (FIFA anyone?)

        • oldgal replied 1 year ago

          “Has football ever been a beacon of integrity, honesty and morality?”

          Perhaps. A long time ago when footballers went back to their day job on a Monday morning and the only merchandise was a home knitted hat or scarf in appropriate colors.

    • sar replied 1 year ago

      I recall the outcry when Russia was awarded this year’s World Cup, people demanding we (The Home Nations teams) boycott that event. All gone quiet now.

      And the next Winter Olympics in China?

    • Why not go the whole way and advocate boycotting visiting, spending money or generally dealing with the offending countries (it isn’t just Qatar)? Abuse, neglect and death of workers happens across the Gulf, yet I haven’t seen many calls for people to stop having sunny beach holidays in Dubai or to stop climbing in Oman.

    • Fi replied 1 year ago

      Why focus on the world cup? This is how the construction industry works in most of the world, so why cherry pick the world cup for your concern instead of all construction?

      • donna replied 1 year ago

        The same could be said for the consumerists of the world in general. Why for example do people have such a Hard-on for taking down Oxfam. Yes, obscene things were done to extremely vulnerable people in the name of charity.

        Oxfam, on the whole try their best to do good in the world, but public opinion went for the jugular. Here we have an event that has been in the media since seemingly forever yet there is no public outrage in the UK or on a global stage.

        Also Qatar isn’t exactly on best terms with its Arab neighbours. Does money really trump all?