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    The two reasons I can think of;

    1) a lack of ownership. In men’s football you have your teams, club and country, which have been yours since childhood, you have no similar relationship to women’s football

    2) it’s not as good. You understand more so you can see the gap in quality. In athletics or swimming, the race is just 10% slower, but it’s essentially the same. Gymnastics and, to a lesser extent, tennis are different sports but women’s football is just a poorer copy. Even so, every now and then it can raise a smile https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/videos/817654/amazing-goal-from-barbara-latorre Not everything is worse.

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    Maybe he’s waiting to be sacked so he can use Ron Atkinson’s old line when he got the bullet at Man U. “I leave as I arrived – fired with enthusiasm”

    • Wenger inherited George Graham’s iron-hard defence plus Dennis Bergkamp. Once these essential parts of the team were retired he had no plan for replacing them. Admittedly he bought into the vision of a new stadium which increased the revenue stream but he has been timid in the transfer market. Apart from Shankly, Paisley and Ferguson every manager seems to run out of inspiration and thus signal the time to bring down the final curtain.

      • It’s fair to say that Wenger, with the honourable exceptions of Campbell and Kosczelny (sp?) has always come up short on defenders but he followed Bergkamp with

        Thierry Henri, Robert Pires, Manu Petit, Patrick Viera, Freddie Ljundberg, Fabregas

        Hardly unproductive signings

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself!

        As an Arsenal fan of a long-time standing, I crave the defensive toughness and counter-attacking speed of the George Graham teams. I feel very disorientated watching Arsenal these days (unlike when I first followed Arsenal seriously in the late 80s). Wenger did do well for his first decade as manager but ran out of steam years ago. He has made very few good decisions at all about the defence since the break-up of the great Spunky/Dixon/Nige/Donkey Adams/Martin Keown (or Bouldy) defence.

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    I agree entirely. And add to that the disgraceful cheating on the pitch, the bullying of the ref when decisions don’t go their way and the ridiculous earnings. Totally soulless at the moment (apart from the Leicester win) and frustrating to watch. It just feels as though the whole sport is without integrity from the top to the bottom which in the spirit of the thread is what I feel AW has, in bucket loads.

    Im a neutral fan of Arsenal and now feel its time for its Statesman manager to go, with dignity, and let someone else try and change things with a new perspective.

  • Years ago (1980’s) I worked with a woman whose husband took all of her salary from her and gave her a small ‘allowance’ back. If that ran out she had to ask him to buy whatever she needed. Quite unbelievable.

  • As a man I respect and like independent women, and for that matter independent men. I like people who are self directed, accountable and responsible.

    I don’t respect or like bolshy, shouty, “me me me “, simpering, narcissistic, vacuous, untruthful, unkind or manipulative women. Same goes for men.

    Man or woman, doesn’t matter. Its what one is as a person that matters. As stencilface says “be a nice human”

    Embrace the differences between each gender and each gender’s strengths and weaknesses. I have lady friends across the spectrum – from very capable farmers, surgeons, nurses to models and dancers, I don’t think less of a woman if she chooses to work with a set of brushes rather than a socket set.

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    If folk think these men were bad, they should try crossing paths in a factory with a predominantly women only assembly line etc..

    @emma I have thanks, many times, from the age of 16 to 24 and managed not to get groped, harassed, cat-called, grabbed or intimidated once.

    Does every real case of sexual harassment of women have to be compared to a hypothetical case of sexual harassment of a man at the moment? It’s getting quite tiresome. If men are truly being terrorised as you suggest then we need to start reporting it to the police. I’ve never been assaulted or harassed by a woman or women and no male friends have told me they have, whereas I haven’t spoken to a female friend about this who *hasn’t* been.

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    My partner had her second hip replacement 4 weeks ago. Given walking sticks by discharge nurse. When asked about returning them she was told that they don’t want them back, they are single use items.

  • I’m a middle aged man. I drove company vans around London in my younger days and took pride in my ability to park in tiny spaces without any assistance from people or gadgets. Never bashed one parking.
    I’ve just spent a lot of money on a LWB VW campervan. The very first time I took it out of my driveway I backed into my wheelie bin and broke a rear light. I could really have done with a middle aged woman to help me reverse, but she was out at work.

    Hope that makes you feel better ;D