• I read an interesting article in the Guardian where the journalist said that there is no “easy” solution to this case, because someone loses out whichever way the judgement goes. Caster Semenya’s journey has been inspirational for a lot of people and for them, banning her from competing in women’s categories seems like it is removing a fundamental human right, given that she was raised as a woman. But at present, this is the best and fairest way we have of protecting women’s competition – we do have to draw the line somewhere, or we might as well just have everyone compete together (which I strongly disagree with).

    Regarding other genetic abnormalities and whether or not they confer an unfair advantage – the problem is, according to the way we separate male and female…[Read more]

  • Football caused the problem (well alcohol really) but football is sorting the problem. Millwall has raised over £5k to help pay for the ambulance. If the insurance pays out then the ambulance service keep the money as a donation regardless. Millwall are/were one of the most violent supporters mob in the country. Opposing fans have to get there via train and train only and walk through a protective cage to get into the ground. They aren’t as bad as they used to be though. Then when you had the guy running around stabbing people at London Bridge it was a Millwall supporter who said not in my town and took him on resulting in numerous injuries to himself but he protected a whole load more people from harm.

    Sport and alcohol bring out the worst in everyone.

  • Over the years I have met men who say they like women like me and wish they could find someone like me. But in truth, they really don’t.
    My mother on many occasions by many different men has been told she is ‘too much’. A lot of men of her generation can’t cope with the fact that she doesn’t actually ‘need’ anything from them.
    These are purely my own observations.