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    Thanks for the replies, I’ve got a really good chiro who unfortunately is away for the Bank Holiday but will fit me in on Tuesday. I’ve got some gabapentin that OHs brother left behind after a visit. Do you think it would be safe to take when it wasn’t prescribed for me? Or should I just keep resting and taking ibuprofen as surely the leg just being numb now is an improvement on painful so I guess the pressure on the nerve is reducing?

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    I’ve had a few bouts of sciatica in the past but this current one is a bit different. Normally I have really bad lower back pain and limited movement in that area and the pain through the right leg is sharp shooting pain, however this time the back pain was just a low grade niggle each morning this week which wore off with movement. Yesterday morning I went to get up and my whole right leg felt “unattached” then my hip became tight and locked up. I wet back to bed and my calf muscle started to have really painful cramps, most of yesterday was a mixture of cramps, numbness and tingling in my right leg but no real back pain. I took tramodol and ibuprofen and found that as long as I lay flat on my front I didn’t get any more cramps just numbness. This morning seemed much better until…[Read more]

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    There are quite a few companies that rent them which might be worthwhile in case you get bored with it. I think they usually give you a discount if you decide to buy.

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    Not yet at tipping point but if large swathes of the agricultural sector keep shovelling tens of thousands of tonnes of ABs into the food chain every year, we’ll soon get there.

    When it happens we’ll have a lot more than STI’s and chest infections to worry about. For a start lots of cancer treatments and many types of elective surgery will become far too risky to be tenable.

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    Why focus on the world cup? This is how the construction industry works in most of the world, so why cherry pick the world cup for your concern instead of all construction?

    • The same could be said for the consumerists of the world in general. Why for example do people have such a Hard-on for taking down Oxfam. Yes, obscene things were done to extremely vulnerable people in the name of charity.

      Oxfam, on the whole try their best to do good in the world, but public opinion went for the jugular. Here we have an event that has been in the media since seemingly forever yet there is no public outrage in the UK or on a global stage.

      Also Qatar isn’t exactly on best terms with its Arab neighbours. Does money really trump all?

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    If funding is there to ‘buy’ medals, the Norwegians are 16 times better at it than us …

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    I worked with a Winter Olympic sportsman. He spent the winter six months a year living out of the back of a 15 year old van going from event to event. I think his funding covered travel costs, but that was about all.

    • 28+ million pounds – Some cream off a hell of a lot of money. Some people get a good living from what is dished out, but that doesn’t mean everybody does, or even those that deserve/need it do.

      Maybe someone needs to look at who actually gets what. I do know that the number of (questionably needed) people at head office for athletics has multiplied dramatically – I have no reason to believe that it isn’t any different in every sport that gets funding.

      The greedy follow the money.

  • Surely there’s a spectrum? I’ve met several men, including my own brother, who can’t sustain a relationship with an equal, and have to be able to guide/teach/help the other party in some way, ie that she must always be in some way or another either inferior or dependant. Then there are men like my OH, married for 40 years to one of the most independent woman you are likely to come across. I also had friends when younger where he didn’t make a move unless she told him to. When I asked him why he put up with it, he said ‘have you thought that maybe I like it?’. He enjoyed the total lack of responsibility.

    Room for all sorts, I think, people just need to find their match.

  • He was employing things called “irony” and “black humour”

    Spot on.

    There are WAY too many people who don’t get irony and black humour. If they ever read texts or overheard me and my mates at the wall we would never get employed!

  • Pretty obviously most of them are doing it for the money because most people on an agency list as a hostess won’t be on their first job. They know the gig is something closer to strippers/lap dancers than waitresses when the boss specifies what color of underwear to wear and pays them well over the odds. They also know that a bunch of drunk lecherous millionaires showing off to each other tip really well.

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    Id be much more suspicious that it is due to childhood obesity. I had an earlier period then many of my friends because I was a heavy child despite my parents efforts. One of my friends who was always slim to underweight was the slowest to have a period(late teens)

    For example I keep horses and in order to get a heifer calf ready for breeding seasons we need them to hit certain weight gains at different ages. if they don’t hit those weights their heats are often delayed.if they do hit targets they are often ready to be bred quite young. Weight seems to be massively influential to them.

    Humans are still biologically… just another animal.

    My hypothesis is that being heavier consistently throughout childhood and as a result their bodies are reaching biologically adult weights…[Read more]

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    Its possibly your action causing a slight sprain each time you exercise it- I’d go to a doctor for a referral to a biomechanics department- as well as physio.

  • “Flirting is not a crime” says French actor Catherine Deneuve, “but rape is”.

    She and 100 female French writers,performers and academics have hit out at the “wave of Puritanism” which has been sparked by the Harvey Weinstein allegations, saying that men should be free to try and seduce women, and “hit on them”. Men “are being punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone’s knee or try to steal a kiss”.