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    Personally, I hate watching football…love playing it though.

    However Women’s Football will grow and grow in popularity. As the sport grow’s, the advertising money will materialise and,at that point the game will expand exponentially.

    Give it a couple of generations to allow role-models to inspire young talent. Throw in a few trophies and the rose-tinted glasses of 1966 will fall away.

    • I have no problem at all with women playing football. I just struggle to understand why I subjectively find men’s football so much more attractive as a spectator, while in athletics or judo it makes no difference to me, and in gymnastics I even find the women’s version more attractive than the men’s event.

      • In the kindest words: Maybe you feel that football is “(one of) the last bastions of men’s sporting prowess?” I am just guessing….There is no reason to like women’s judo /athletics/ etc and and at the same time not to like women’s football IMHO (you did ask…)

        I am not interested in any of the sports above btw, but I do understand what it is like to be a woman in sports and up against it.

        No criticism, but you did ask for comment x

        • @bosworth Not really, I am no great fan of men’s football fan either, I just follow my shit hometown club (Nuremberg) out of nostalgia and masochism and I am only half serious anyway.

          The reason I posted was that last weekend I was trying to relax a bit by watching some sports coming home from a full day’s work and a five hour drive, but all that was on was women’s football. The only thing that would have been worse for me would have been horse dancing or golf….

          As I said, I don’t know what it is about women’s football in particular that makes me switch channels.

          My own sports are judo and climbing, and in both I like watching women’s comps as much as men’s events. The only other sport where I also strongly prefer watching the male version is handball (the Euro team game, not…[Read more]

        • What kind of gobbledygook is that? What is it like to be a woman in sports and be up against what? This isn’t prejudice, it’s a simple fact, there is no team sport I can think of where women are equal to men in terms of entertainment or skill or strength.

    • Yet it hasn’t.. it has struggled for a few decades. Even in the US the professional game has struggled and they’ve had the trophies.

      Women’s sport struggle, women leave sport as teenagers. It’s a massive issue for all sports to combat and so for limited success.

      The popularity of male football has nothing to do with 1966.