• Dave J posted a new activity comment 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    How do feel watching international women’s football compared to say Div 1 Men’s football?

    I don’t like football full stop, but personally the odd bit of the womens game I’ve seen I’ve preferred due to the lower incidents of shouting at refs, general falling about cheating etc,

    However a sport I do watch a lot is Rugby, and I have the same issue as you watching the womens’ game – it is just not as compelling, but I think this is a factor of participation and the number of players and skill levels available… For me the Womens internationals are around the standard of the lower end of Championship Rugby. I’m sure in time with more participation this will even out. I still watch it though, and the contest in the game is just as good… it’s just missing those bits of magic.

  • All I know is that I wouldn’t have attended a function that specified it was men only, however tasteful the invitation card.

    I once did attend a black tie event in Manchester that our senior partner didn’t fancy. It wasn’t men only but heavily weighted to alpha males and the occasional trophy wife. Scantily clad women were used liberally as decoration like a 1970s motor show. Ricky Hatton and Alan Sugar were there (not that I knew who Hatton was). I beat a hasty retreat as soon as could. I was relieved to find it was the 21st century outside and I wasn’t lying in a coma somewhere having an Ashes to Ashes experience.

  • I’m a middle-aged man, I’m shit at parking but do sometimes help people as a pedestrian if I see they’re struggling. I don’t think I do it based on gender though.