• While I am not financially independent I am very independent in that I don’t do the little woman thing very well.
    I am very straight I say what I think I was once told I communicated like a man It was Intended as a compliment i did not really feel it was.
    I lived most of my life with my husband away so I am used to sorting stuff without reference to anyone, that’s made for interesting moments since he’s retired.

    @connie Imagine what a problem that causes with the wives of armed service officers

    Away for up to two years at a stretch, then come home and expect to continue barking orders to a wife who has managed absolutely everything without him.

    It made for some great arguments in our house when I was growing up!!

  • Keep on defending a complete arsehole, it does not paint you in a good light.

    @connie might it be that you actually just don’t like Mr.Neville, irrespective of a joke he may have posted years ago. And now this storm in a tea-cup is serving as a convenient hammer to bash him with? Sexual deviancy, or claims of misogynistic behaviour are damn fine trump card to be able to pull out.

  • I also still maintain that the very idea that such a joke could be appropriate and funny tells you something about the “lad culture” and the attitudes towards women ingrained in football

    @connie Do you not see the hypocrisy in that vs it being ok to make jokes about AIDS patients like you said you do in your other post?

  • @connie Don’t you find it fun every now and then to say the things you aren’t allowed to say? The words you always have to be guarded about? Especially if its darkly amusing and instantly understood by those around you at the time?

    Seems like a uniquely modern problem, where the main channels of communication are recorded and freely available for vindictive individuals many years later to go looking for words that, taken out of context, are no longer permissible. Back when it was just Fred at the local pub (or you in the virology department) making the comments nothing would come of it.

  • @connie I don’t think anyone doubts that he was dumb to put it on twitter but that has very little to do with whether he capable of managing a football team.

    That the joke “revealed his lack of respect for women” is just a product of your imagination and prejudices. Like Mr.Neville, most men have wives,partners, and /or sisters and daughters who they love and respect but many of them will also make bad taste jokes about women. It says sweet FA about their respect for women but, nowadays, quite a lot about their views on the wilfully offended.

  • @connie Why don’t you just acknowledge that most people make bad and bad taste jokes, and they do it partly to annoy people like you, but mainly as a coping mechanism in the face of real life. It doesn’t actually mean that they, for example, think that battered wives (or husbands) are a big joke.

    Humour is like grease that makes the world livable. It is the prigs who fail to understand it or the (usually benign) reasons for it who are in the wrong.

  • @connie Of course I’m not trolling. You know perfectly well he doesn’t beat his wife and nor does he think women should spend their lives in the kitchen. He was employing things called “irony” and “black humour” which the wilfully offended and downright stupid choose not to have noticed.

    Not a great joke and pretty dumb of him to have done it on twitter but then again he’s a footballer ((not, of course, that,unlike you, I wish to offend footballers whom I am sure are generally wonderful and very intelligent human beings).

  • @connie He made a joke in poor taste, seven years ago.

    If this is enough to make someone unemployable, then 80% of the population would be unemployed.

    Anyway, he is currently employed. Do you think a bad taste joke seven years ago is sufficient grounds for dismissal?

  • faye replied to the topic Milk causing early puberty? in the forum Health 1 year, 11 months ago

    Yes an American who runs the website as a Charity, albeit staffed with a large number of well paid staff, and through the website promotes his books.

    Not convinced OP but do agree with the old adages (although not often good at living by them!) – we are what we eat and everything in moderation.

    @connie I agree. Lots of money behind the whole vegan thing at the moment. I know some people who work part time for some of the American ‘charities’ on more the 20k a year. I don’t know where its coming from mind!

    Also parabens in cosmetic products mimic hormones. Again more research is needed, but these are found in body creams, face creams, shampoo, bubblebaths and are easily absorbed into your system as recent study showed in men who used a shaving cream ( I think) containing…[Read more]

  • I wonder if it’s to do with the support level. Asics are quite supportive through the arch – I wear them as my feet are quite flat. Maybe the support is too much for you? And then possible sizing issues with some of the others?

    @beckye Thanks – you may have something there as I can feel the support in these and the Saucony ones – I did think this was a good thing but if it’s causing the rubbing then maybe not!

    Are you wearing them before you start running in them. Maybe your feet need time to get used to them if you aren’t a trainer wearer usually. Also you could try road race trainers. I have a pair of these think they are Peter Merrell. They were about 60 from Tiso and I really like them. They are a bit more like a walking shoe than a trainer.

    @connie Thanks – as said above…[Read more]