• Honestly if you’re going to do it at all seriously (and you can definitely get the bug for it), then go Concept2. The water rowers are ok to a point, but if you are interested in technique and building your strength you will soon find that you end up with water all over the floor and the feel you get from them is different too. There are some really good sites out there with training programmes, and if you look on actual rowing sites they will give you far better tips on technique than you would probably get here. Decent Rowing on FB is worth a look.

  • Try renting, or you can often find auctions selling off gym equipment (there’s one near me that does this frequently).

    Water rowers are horrid things – ok if you aren’t taking it too seriously, but pretty useless if you want to do some proper work.

    I would’t recomment getting one of the cheap ones. If you do buy, go for a Concept2 and get some decent training programmes 🙂

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    Why not go the whole way and advocate boycotting visiting, spending money or generally dealing with the offending countries (it isn’t just Qatar)? Abuse, neglect and death of workers happens across the Gulf, yet I haven’t seen many calls for people to stop having sunny beach holidays in Dubai or to stop climbing in Oman.

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    My 50p share has been well spent in keeping me entertained.

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    Guardiola. Classy guy…. If any of the ground staff find his dummy, then it’d only be fair to return it.

  • My ex partner told me I emasculate men, I was too capable and too independent. What he meant was he was a failed man, he was am alcoholic, who couldnt get his act together to even do the basic stuff, so I renovated the house, I sorted electrics, I built up the business and I coped easily without him for 18 months while he had a cushy contract abroad, and an affair. I was the one who was told I was too independent. It stuck with me, that feeling that I was somehow at fault, but finally i can now say its him who has the problem. Not me, hes an excuse of a man, and any man who cannot cope with an independent woman is actually a very insecure in themselves. he was clearly a narcissist, and a misogynist.