• @beckye You are trolling, I hope, because you cannot really be serious. Making jokes painting domestic violence against women in a positive light (Let’s hope he was joking and did not in fact beat his wife) mainly proves that he is a colossal arse.

    That would not make him unsuitable for any job ingeneral (I guess he might fit right in as a professional footballer….), but it definitely makes him unsuitable for a management role where he specifically wields power over women.

    This applies even more so when the position became vacant only because his predecessor got himself sacked through a mixture of sexism, inappropriate relationships, and racist bullying.

  • I wonder if it’s to do with the support level. Asics are quite supportive through the arch – I wear them as my feet are quite flat. Maybe the support is too much for you? And then possible sizing issues with some of the others?

    @beckye Thanks – you may have something there as I can feel the support in these and the Saucony ones – I did think this was a good thing but if it’s causing the rubbing then maybe not!

    Are you wearing them before you start running in them. Maybe your feet need time to get used to them if you aren’t a trainer wearer usually. Also you could try road race trainers. I have a pair of these think they are Peter Merrell. They were about 60 from Tiso and I really like them. They are a bit more like a walking shoe than a trainer.

    @connie Thanks – as said above…[Read more]