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    I lived with similar symptoms to you and spent lots at an osteo thinking it was muscular/strength issue/frozen shoulder.

    The pain continued so eventually (two years!!!) I went to doc and referred to physio – she did one thing and said I have to have a scan right away. Turns out I needed a subacromial decompression and was in and out within two weeks. My tendon had frayed a lot in that time but I gained full mobility in just 6 weeks.

    Go to GP first would be my advice.

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    I’ve broken mine twice (fly lesson from same horse).

    Its takes ages to heal. Get coccyx cushions. They are a godsend – sitting on one right now, even though the last time it got broken was 20 months ago!

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    I have 2 pairs of Karrimor XLite. They are great, the material is fleecy at the top, so no see through-ness even when you bend down. Lower down is much lighter weight, so you don’t get too hot.

    One pair has a drawstring, but they fit really well and I don’t use it. The other pair has a really wide soft band.

    I tried cheaper ones, but they were not half as comfortable.

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    I rang the hospital this morning and he was about to see the consultant (again!) but the staff nurse said his temperature was still 39 and they can’t seem to bring it down. Still waiting lab results. He hardly ever drinks (bar two cans over the whole Xmas period and about 5 pints in the whole of 2017 in the summer evenings in the pub garden) and although he’s overweight by a stone he eats salad nearly every evening and has a very active job with a lot of manual work involved. I’ve done some reading and if it is gout eating gravy, pasta, red meat, white bread, shell fish and processed foods, none of which he eats very often and most not ever. Apparently certain tablets like aspirin and blood pressure tablets can cause it. Its a nightmare. Getting very worried. They put him on an…[Read more]

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    @cat yes I’ve not heard great things either. I rang the ward this morning to fin out how he was as they kept him in overnight and the nurse said that he was with the Orthaepedic Consultant but it looks likely that he would be undergoing surgery sometime today. I’m at work as there is nothing I can do and I don’t expect they will discharge him anytime soon. Looks like it was Septic Arthritis after all.

    UPDATE: Visited last night. He said they had taken him down to theatre and drained 103ml of fluid from his knee under local anaethetic.He said that the first three or four draws were yellowy liquid that the consultant said looked like gout. The last draw right at the end had blood in it which he said was the one he wanted the lab to have as he felt that showed infection.

    Last night…[Read more]

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    Thank you for your help. My partner had to have the paramedics round on friday night due to his total knee replacement (he had a total knee replacement 3 years ago but you can get septic arthritis from the TKR years later.) knee being in agony. Found him sat at the foot of the stairs unable to move with a knee hot red and swollen to 3 times it size. Paramedics admitted him to hospital as they felt as I did (due to having gone thru similar myself last year) that it was septic arthritis. Temp 39.3 which I think swung it and then he got taken to majors by ambulance. Looked at blood and urine taken. Released next morning. Told he had infection somewhere in body but they didn’t know where so no anti biotics given but follow up with orthaepedic surgeon five days later at same…[Read more]

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    Has anyone suffered from sepsis arthritis in the knee and what was the outcome please?

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    Very surprised that they wouldn’t take them back off you. My hospital has a big bin next to reception in Fracture Clinic, and another in the physio department, so you can just drop them off. I think they get inspected and cleaned up before re-used.

    Wooden walking sticks are cut to size for each patient, and get shorter and shorter until they’re no longer useful.