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    Yes but sports on TV etc aren’t really about who is best. They are entertainment. If women’s sport is as entertaining as men’s, it will have the same viewers and the same advertising. Tennis pretty much manages this. It sounds like for the OP (at least) women’s football doesn’t.

    I do watch squash because I understand the game and prefer the women’s game for this because it is possible to see what is going on. The men’s game is *so* fast that it is difficult to follow the tactics etc.

  • Yes it’s terrible , a shocking number of close female friends have had personal experience of sexual assault from the shockingly brutal and extreme to the deeply upsetting.

    If I know this as a male think how much more women will know about the experience of their female friends

    so for people to try and come up with some equivalent comparisons between the threat posed by hen parties and the scenario of the presidents club really probably have no real connection to the females in their circle. As serious sexual assault is something all women will have experienced in their close circle of friends.

  • They are probably staring because they’ve seen Mrs Weasel driving a van (she got banned from driving the works mini-bus and now refuses to drive our lwb Transit)…

    Don’t take it personally 😉